1986 XJ 2.5L Clutch Chatter Repair. Part 5. Flywheel Has Stripped Threads

The test fitting of the pressure plate to the flywheel, found one of the threaded holes was rough. Running a hardware store tap through the hole made the diameter so large the bolt stripped out when it was torqued down. So the 8mm hole had to be repaired with a HeliCoil insert. The holes in flywheels, blocks etc, are not tapped, they are rolled so they fit the bolts tighter. This causes less cracking and failure.

1986 XJ 2.5L Clutch Chatter Repair. Part 4.

Made a couple of small Jeep specific tools for pulling a broken index pin from the rear of the 2.5L engine block. The broken pin kept the engine and trans from mating perfectly to each other. In fact it left a gap between them. I modified an air tool hose fitting by taping the inside with a 1/4-20 thread. A 1/4-20 bolt screws the slide hammer to the air fitting, allowing the slide hammer to pull the damaged index pin from the engine block.

1986 XJ Clutch Chatter Repairs. Part 3.

Bent up a nice titanium flat spring for the clutch release arm. Ti is a super tough material. It bent nicely around various diameter sockets clamped in a vice. Used 3/16″ diameter rivets that broke my rivet gun. Also pulled the bell housing off the AX-5 trans so that a locating dowel could be machined to make sure the trans will locate accurately to the engine.