1986 Jeep XJ Fuel pump Rebuild/Repair

The cheapest option for rebuilding the fuel pump in the XJ was to pick one up from the junkyard. I show a lot of detail in this video since the repair process is intricate. Don’t forget to buy a new pump to tank o-ring seal like I did !!!! The sending unit for both fuel pump modules matched the fuel gauge perfectly.

1986 XJ 2.5L. Scanner Uncovers Problems !!! Part 1.

Although this Renix XJ runs pretty good, I thought it was time to put the MT2500 scanner on this rig. I’m concerned that the Map Sensor voltage is low at 1.0 volts. The Long Term Fuel Trims are way too low !! So the fuel system is trying to run the system leaner to make up for something else. Probably the Map Sensor. We shall see !!!

Rubber Fuel Lined Replaced, 1988 Jeep XJ 4.0

Rubber Fuel Lined Replaced, 1988 Jeep XJ 4.0 –

After replacing both rubber fuel lines coming out of the tank, I thought they should be tie wrapped up and out of the way. The bonus ended up being that the noise from the fuel pump went way down. I could feel the pulsing from the pump in the rubber line, and it was significant. So the old ones must have been lightly resting against the sheet metal back there and resonating whenever the pump was running. I’d say at least a 50% reduction in fuel pump noise.