Jeep XJ Air Conditioning Updates

Lots of tools and AC components from Ebay!! The latest is the AC compressor for the ’88 XJ. Checking it for freon leaks. with another very useful tool. The ’86 XJ is getting a new hose soon. Was able to use the freon pump, also from Ebay !! Good deals on good tools make this project work !!!

1988 XJ 4.0 AC Compressor is Junk !!!

The sealing surface for the body to front face plate o-ring, has 2 major scratches across it. This was done by a real rookie. Those scratches are where the freon sniffer found a major leak. The square cut o-ring cant’t seal across the Grand Canyon!! Now I need to find a used compressor from the junkyard.

Converting a Propane Bottle to Freon Recovery Container.

The propane bottle has been sitting outside for years with the valves open to vent the gas and the smell. My freon sniffer and my nose can’t pick up anything. Once we test the socket and take the valve out of the bottle I’m converting, I’ll rinse it out with soap, water, bleach, and maybe even solvent. Then pull a vacuum on it.