1988 Jeep XJ DIY 4.0 Knock Repair. Part 3. Misc Update.

Was so happy to get the intake and exhaust manifolds out at the same time tonight. The egr tube connects them both, had to be removed after I got them out. Removal was simply unscrewing the 2 nuts off of the exhaust pipe flange, plus a couple of vacuum lines. The whole reason for this is so the cracks in the exhaust manifold can be welded up. I’ll take it over to my neighbor and we’ll see who’s brave enough to try and weld it up !! The driver’s side motor mount lifts upward when engine torque is applied. Plus I ran my phone over tonight with the creeper. Crack !!!

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Here is the rest of the Knock Repair Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7uHI24cXfc&list=PLCyDzy-NaUwIhZmxHzIv0SJRHACQRIjSx