1988 XJ 4.0 AC Compressor is Junk !!!

The sealing surface for the body to front face plate o-ring, has 2 major scratches across it. This was done by a real rookie. Those scratches are where the freon sniffer found a major leak. The square cut o-ring cant’t seal across the Grand Canyon!! Now I need to find a used compressor from the junkyard.

1986 XJ Seat Cushion Repair

The drivers seat was leaning to the left badly. Picked up a junkyard seat cushion and swapped out the factory seat covers so it would still match the factory interior. The cracked metal in the cushion shows why it was leaning so badly.

1986 XJ 2.5L. Scanner Uncovers Problems !!! Part 1.

Although this Renix XJ runs pretty good, I thought it was time to put the MT2500 scanner on this rig. I’m concerned that the Map Sensor voltage is low at 1.0 volts. The Long Term Fuel Trims are way too low !! So the fuel system is trying to run the system leaner to make up for something else. Probably the Map Sensor. We shall see !!!

1986 XJ 2.5L 5 Speed Jeep Cherokee , Death Wobble Repair, Part 1.

The tires of a vehicle act like an amplifier. Any noise, roughness, or slop in the bearings or suspension components cause slight vibrations that are magnified by the tire, causing Death Wobble. I’ve corrected Death Wobble on Jeeps, motorcycles, and model helicopters.

Finding the source of a Death Wobble isn’t that hard. Find the bad/sloppy parts and replace them. This is much cheaper than guessing !!!! This tie rod end mounted to the pitman arm had some movement in it when the steering wheel was rocked 90 degrees in both directions.The steering damper was ruined. The new part for it is on it’s way!!