I’m making an entry way made from canvas to seal the door from letting in so much dust and to hold the door in a horizontal position. This will make a longer path for dust to have to travel to get into the yurt. Today I go hunting for more canvas to start this project.

The pole for this year is really nice. It will hold Camelbaks, clothes and even lighting.

The Plymouth wagon is being retired from service after serving the world for 40 years and for serving me for 15 years. It’s replacement is a 1992 Honda Accord Wagon that I just picked up. I’m going through it now making repairs. It runs fine after installing an engine computer. The previous owners put $2k in repairs into it. So when I’m done it will be a great ride for years to come. I’ll get pics of it up at some point.

One of the great benefits of going completely away from home on a trip is that my carb cravings go completely away. At Burning Man we had next to nothing for refined carbs to eat. I weighed 197lbs when I left for Burning Man. I’m now down into the 186-189 range. I never thought I’d get to under 190 like I did in the late 90’s. This same thing happened to me last year when I went to Brazil. Cravings were dead when I got back and my weight loss program was born. I’m only a dozen lbs above my high school weight of 175lbs. If I can ever get this damn thyroid under control, life should be quite sweet. It’s already vastly improved.

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