June 2009

I went through the wagon today and fixed a bunch of dumb things. All of the mirrors were loose. The headliner was falling down. Mostly I found that the A/C had a leak in the low side shrader valve core. So I put a bicycle core in their until I find out if the system leaks or not. That fixed it. I pumped it up with 108 psi of compressed air, with the compressor disconnected. That way when I check it in a week I’ll know for sure if it’s air tight or not. 108 psi is over 4 times the pressure that a 28 inch vacuum will create. So it’s a good method that I’ve used for years to make A/C systems reliable. I do need to find out if the bicycle shrader core is compliant with R12 oils and refrigerant.

Here is our concept sketches of our Yurt. It was made tonight on the back of a Denny’s paper place mat. This is when we first documented our idea of a Yurt that has the roof and walls folding out from one continuous piece, and our internal anchoring system.

This past weekend Bill and I went to SoulStance. It’s a warmup for Burning Man. I met some great Burners that answered all of my millions of questions. No one gave a thumbs down to our idea of making a foamboard Yurt. Below are the notes that I took. I remembered using the cooling vests and bandana’s from hot weather motorcycle riding for cooling folks off. I think that it would work great at BM. There are sites that have DIY pages so you can make your own. Here is a link for some nice commercial versions.

Geraldo +
Springbar Vagabond 4, ~$400
Army surplus tent stakes (Red, tempered)
Wrap around pants/long sleeves Thaicraftwarehouse.com
Fur covered straps back pack straps (Camelback)
Blinkey leds on Camelback.
Dust goggles – clear @ night, dark @ day
Dust masks
Head lamp w/lithium batts
Camelback with pockets for masks
Reflective clothes and bands
Water holding bandana (motorcycle)
Don’t accept food and drinks from strangers
Baby wipes
Vinegar spray bottle for alkaline dust
Towels evaporate water fast
Catch pan for dripping vehicles fluids
Single ply toilet paper
FRS not working in camps. Ok on Playa
Hats with strings – 2 hats!
2 pairs of shades -> Snow blind!
Tribe.net thaicraftwarehouse.com Thai clothing
M-Th easier to view artwork. Less crowded
Leaving Monday morning easier
Say in Reno afterwards & shower
El lighting
Gray water evaporation AEZ 12-3 Sun
Bicycle jerseys (long sleeve) Bill

El wire Adhesive E-6000 from TAP and Michael’s
EL Panel
Keep out of sund – Harms EL wire
Coolight.com Florida Coolneon.com Oakland
Use copperwire for moving joints
Use multiple inverteres – one for each strand
Inverters rated to power ‘X’ feet of EL wire
Use heatshrink with adhesive inside for weather proofing
Coppertape for soldering power leads to different EL Wire diamters
High bright or low bright EL wire
Playa = 4k feet altitude
Human Carcass wash -> Poly Paradise Camp 3-5pm daily
Yurt Cooling? Evaporative? Wind Powered?
Swamp coolers -> sustainabiliville camp
Ember from AEZ builds Evapotron
Ask AEZ mayor for camping space & about 120v power access

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