July 2009

This morning I woke up with a great idea for internally anchoring the Yurt walls to the ground using a K-Hinge, plywood blocks and metal stakes. I’ll post a pic a soon as I make a sketch.

Here is the 8 foot long K-Hinge attached to a wall panel as of last night. The edges of the canvas are ragged because I tear the canvas instead of cutting it with scissors. Not as clean, but way faster.

Here is the bumper sticker on my wagon that was taken to Burning Man sometime before 1993-1995 when I purchased it. I’m hoping someone can identify the year of the bumper sticker.

I bought the wagon back in 1995. Two owners before that it had been to Burning Man. I’ll get a pic of the old Burning Man decal on the rear bumper in hope that someone will know about what year the wagon was at Burning Man.

I’ve also got to finish leak testing the A/C in the wagon.

At about 9:30 pm pdt tonight we got started adding a K-Hinge to the top of a 4×8 foot wall panel. The cooler air helped give us more time before the glue started to set. The other thing we did better was to put down 3 narrow beads of glue instead of one large one. With just one pass of the spreader it almost covered the 3 inch wide x 8 foot long glue area in one pass. That bought us more time. Then we had to carefully flip the panel over without smearing glue all over everything, and do the other side and the edge. We will sorely need the extra time when we combine the wall panel with the roof panel using a K-Hinge. Alignment of the K-Hing takes quite a while when you have such a long hinge to glue down and align. Video or pics would help clarify this.

Everything we have learned so far will come into play the next time we joint the roof and wall. We were thinking of making a simple 2×4 holding fixture so the roof and wall would stack vertically on top of each other without us having to hold them. These 8 foot long x 8 foot tall assemblies are not going to be easy to handle. Better now than at the playa, and in the wind!

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