July 2009

Tonight Bill and I did the assembly of the toughest K-Hinge yet. The wall panel and an entire roof panel. It was way more stressful than it was real work. It came out fine. I came up with a simple jig that held both panels upright while we layed the canvas up against the drying glue. That jig was a great deal of help. I’ll let the glue dry all night and see how it all folds together tomorrow. If we like this prototype, then we get to build 5 more!!

Here is the jig. Just a pir of 2×2’s sitting against the garage door opening. That’s literally it!!

Here’s the front view of the jig with just a wall panel and a cured K-Hinge done days ago.

The roof panel is layed out on a table ready for glue to be applied. The height of the table saves wear and tear on the back.

Just like magic it’s done. Too many hands were needed to take any pics.

When the hinge hits up against the 2×2’s it just takes a little tug on the canvas to pull it straight. It takes 2 people pushing on each side of the canvas to push it tightly against the glue.

All done!!

Here is how the pieces for each of the roof panels get cut from one 4×8 sheet of foam board.

Here is this mornings idea for anchoring the Yurt walls to the ground, internally, without any ropes to trip people in the dark palya night. Staking them to the ground makes sense. However, I worry that trying to pound a stake into the ground will end up damaging the foam wall with a misplaced hammer blow. So I am going to try and use long, large diameter lag type screws, driven with a cordless drill into the playa.

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