July 2009

Today Bill and I glued half of a K-hinge to the lower half of a roof panel. It went on nicely. Looks like it will hold the layers of the foam board together, as well as make a beefy hinge. At some point I’ll get some pics posted.

On June 9th the self balancing scooter, Meta, had been accepted by the Burning Man DMV. But I had not recieved the email telling me this. Just a couple of days ago I sent in an email and they informed me of the acceptance. So now the scooter has to be inspected when I arrive at the playa for both a day and night license. I have to get the lighting on it.

Bill and I talked to Dmiles of the BM Roller Disco. He has some room left for camping. So I think Bill will be set up there. I’m in the AEZ.

Here is a mini evaporative cooling tower design by Mike Swift. He sketched this out for me during today’s SJEAA meeting for use in my Yurt at BM.

Early this morning I dug out the old Pfaff sewing machine and sewed the very first pieces of canvas together to make our first K hinge. Although we didn’t glue it down yet, we decided to test our gluing skills with Liquid Nails to an upper section of the roof. We glued on a 6 inch wide piece of canvas to each side for strength. I ended up using a piece of plastic to act as a Bondo spreader. The glue spreads very nicely and quickly before it sets.

Here is how the pieces for each of the roof panels get assembled. Just like the picture says, score the foam board from each side to make a nice clean cut.

Today Bill and I went through ideas for the assembly process that I think would make for a ‘once piece’ fold out Yurt. I drew up some ‘paper dolls’ and we folded them into the most efficient shape for transporting them. There will be a couple of challenges but the assembly time on the playa will be very short and I hope can be done by just one person. What a claim!!

We also went to the store and picked up a couple of R-Max panels and some liquid nails in the 28oz tube. We looked at the 8oz canvas cloth at HD but it didn’t seem to be heavier than what I bought at the fabric store. I may take a trip to the army surplus to see if there is any canvas that is heavier.

We hope to get some testing going on the K hinge system, but Michael Jackson’s Memorial is tomorrow, so we may have to push out our testing one day.

I made up this sketch trying to describe to the AEZ folks what I mean by using canvas and Liquid Nails to hinge Yurt foam board panels together. I call it the K hinge. Today I found some decent weight canvas for testing my hinge design. I need to get the foam boards and some Liquid Nails to start the actual testing.

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