June 2009

It look like Bill is on board with going to Burning Man. He wants to camp with the Roller Disco guys. I’m bringing my skates as well. I’m still searching for a camp to join. I am really impressed with the idea of a Yurt made from foam insulation boards. It’s suppose to help keep the interior temperature down. We will ask folks about that at the Soulstance gathering this coming weekend. We are rookies after all. We also talked about renting a large truck for bringing all of our stuff.

Here is an url that has a fellow’s experience with building a Yurt at BM the way Bill and I want to.

Here is an 8 foot high HexaYurt being set up on the playa.

I’m reading and searching madly for info on tents and sleeping gear specifically for Burning Man this year. The other thing I did today was to convert to this WordPress format of blogging.  Here are some great links.

Tents, a major camping site, desert structures, and the Burning Man forum.

Here is a fantastic 360 degree photograph at Burning Man.

Here is a great short movie made of Burning Man 2008.

Today I purchased my Burning Man ticket. I also signed up Bill and I for a ‘Precompression’ campout that gets southbay BM folks together. Bill’s idea of testing out our camping gear will go perfectly with the Soulstance that several of the southbay burner communities have put together.  Some folks suggest sleeping in a car. I have a 1969 Plymouth wagon that holds 4 x 8 sheets of plywood with ease. That would be roomy for sleeping in. It would require that I fix the A/C however. The wagon has been to Burning Man sometime before 1995 when I purchased it. One day when I had just got off of work, a guy in a Camero frantically signaled for me to pull over, as he yelled to me that he use to own my wagon. Once pulled over, he explained that him and his wife had been to Burning Man in my wagon, and that’s why it has a Burning Man bumper sticker on it.

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