Now that most of the engineering is over, I can catch up since each task is now repetitive. You can see by the clock that it’s almost 8am. I had to start early since the weather has been hot and the sun pounds this side of the building in the morning. I started work at 6:30am. It really paid off not having to rush due to the glue curing too fast due to the cooler air. It actually gave me the confidence of being able to assemble the 8 foot long panels by myself if needed. I consider this enough work done to keep going with the project!

This roof panel was just assembled. It shows the new way I finish the end corner of a panel. The zipper was taped out of the way so it would not get glue on it.

You can barely see the 2 x 2’s behind the far roof assembly. They really make attaching two large panels much easier. On the right, I didn’t want to fold the roof assemblies in half until they had cured for at least a little while, so I borrowed my neighbors garage to stand the roof assembly upright.

The garage is getting crowded after assembling two more roof assemblies.