After being motivated by how Cowboy and Connie mounted their yurt and large shade structure to the roof of their 4 door sedan, it struck me that Bill had given me some large structural aluminum pieces way back when we were conceiving of our combat robot, Max Wedge. As it turns out I had a perfect assortment of these parts to make a very solid roof rack. Here is a bad cell phone pic of what I discovered today. A 2 x 4 will run lengthwise and attach to the 3 mounts on each side. Then by machining a 1 x 4 notch across the top of the 2 x 4’s I can put three 1 x 4’s across the roof to support the underside of the yurt. I need to shorten the last pair of mounts near the rear of the roof to the same height or slightly higher, than the other 4 mounts. It also occurred to me today that the roof rack needs to be really solid since our yurt stacks 2 feet high compared to the standard 1 foot high. The wind resistance will be about double. I have an idea on how to make the front end of the yurt more aerodynamic using just the front bumper straps, some rope and a piece of canvas. It will form a triangle in front of the yurt to help clean up the air flow a bit. The 4 inch tall space between the yurt and the roof will allow storage of a good size shade structure.