October 2008

The only part I’m waiting for is the video output chip. It should be
here in the next week. Then it will be time to bench test everything,
then install it in the truck.

So far the Thundersky’s are still doing fine. I’ll know more when I
get the BMS installed and can monitor the voltage of the cells under load.

There are now two temp sensors in the pack. One on the center
Thundersky cell and one on the nicads. This will allow for a thermal
comparison while under load.

A couple of mornings ago, it was 50F outside. The #2 truck has been
outside all night and everything about it was cold soaked. So I fired
up the Hotstart heater. The air temp through the vents or the
defroster went from 50F to 100F in about 2 minutes. I only had the
radio clock to judge by. From 100F and higher it warmed up more
slowly. I’ll use a timer and wait for colder weather for another test.
This time the Hotstart did not open the circuit due to hitting the
over temp threshold.

A 50 degree delta in 2 minutes is a great improvement in heater
performance versus stock. At least it feels that way. I will also get
the data from the #1 truck’s heater so they can be compared side by side.

Finally! Got the 150 psi gas struts installed.

Here are the pics.

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