1983 Honda Aspencade Repair

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2005 cross country Goldwing trip!

01/01/10 - The Goldwing is up for sale! The bike runs fantastically. My reports from 4 years ago were just never updated. There has been zero hesitation or bogging after the carbs were rebuilt. The bike is in perfect running order! Test drove the old girl on New Years Eve! She rode great! Here are many more new pics. Here are the 5 year old repair pics.

01/10/05 - Carb rebuilding pics! Runs perfectly now! Entire set of carbs, Clogged jets, Pilot, Secondary jet, Cross over boss now cleaned up, Crossover tube nice and clean now,

01/10/05 - Here is the to do list for the Goldwing.

01/09/05 - Today the turn signal flasher was permanently wired in. Here is an image of the wiring conversion from the $40 factory Honda flasher to a standard automotive flasher. The seal at the top of the radiator overflow tank was replaced. That should stop the coolant from leaking. I rechecked the carbs today and they are still sync'd. So I guess the poor acceleration is due to the carbs. One is running lean anyway.

01/06/05 - Tonight I found the reason that the radio memory would not save. There was a fuse that looks to have just disintegrated that goes to the constant 12 volt hot for the radio. All without the schematics! Now it works great! The other connector that has nothing attached to it inside the fairing is the passenger push to talk connection. All I need is the factory switch from Ebay, and the wiring is complete. The turn signal flashers have worked perfectly since I rigged in the automotive flasher. I'll have to make that permanent. The brake light seems to work ever since I put in the new ignition switch. A long drive tomorrow will prove it for sure. The headlight modulator worked once. Kinda nifty. I'll have to see why it doesn't work full time. Just touching it would make it malfunction. I just have to get the headset hardware mounted into my helmet. The CB radio works, and it would be fun to rap with the truckers during my travels. I guess I should connect in the accessory panel on the right side of the fairing. It has four switches and a lighter socket for any number of accessories. For a proposed trip across country this summer, I would like to have it running to power a possible GPS unit. Extra driving lights would help me see the road better as well. Just need to find some that won't overtax the alternator.

01/02/05 - Here is the new fairing all finished!! Looks a bit nicer with no sign of busted plastic anywhere. Ordered a couple of radio/CB manuals for the bike from Ebay today. This may help me figure out the radio memory issue. I rigged a 3 lug automotive flasher in place of the factory one to see if that fixes the turn signals dying. Never did find the tail light problem. Hopefully it's not hidden in this mess. I wonder if this little jewel is part of the problem. It looks like an old headlight modulator, but doesn't work any longer. The new ignition switch works great now!! The carbs are sync'd. They were quite a ways off. Hopefully this will help the cold start roughness. A test drive showed that the idle is nice and even now. But the acceleration on the freeway is not as good as it could be. Feels like maybe it's running lean. It worked well before I sync'd the carbs. Afterwards I changed the fuel filter and checked the vaccum and pressure of the fuel pump. The manual says 2.4 psi. The pump delivered 2.0 psi at idle thru 4k rpm. On the way to work tomorrow I'll know if it's accelerating any better.

01/01/05 - Both forks are rebuilt and reinstalled onto the bike. The ride harshness is gone!! I used the Progressive springs as they were highly recommended. The bare forks look decent with all of the fork oil and road grime cleaned off of them. With the clutch cable replaced and lubed as well as the clutch lever shaft getting greased, has made the clutch lever tension so much less, and made the choke lever much smoother to operate as well. The ignition switch wiring that came express mail today was a perfect match!! So now the ignition switch is rebuilt and should work great. I really lucked out getting this switch off Ebay because it's such an odd version. I also bought a three prong flasher and a socket to fit it to the bikes present electrical system. This is a much cheaper alternative than the $40 Honda flasher. I wiped the disk rotors off with carb cleaner. They were soaked in fork oil. I could not find a bad wiring connection for the tail light yet. It could have been from the ignition switch. More test driving will help debug this problem. After a couple laps around the neighborhood, the blinkers went out as usual. So I will temporarily install the new flasher to see if that fixes it. The replacement fairing from Ebay looks nice now. It came with the am/fm/cb/cassette/intercom installed. So it was quite the upgrade. One headset works, the other needs the wiring fixed. I'm hoping I can swap in a cd player for the cassette player. The fairing took some cleanup and alot of vacuuming to get rid of the cat food! One speaker needed some soldering, the other buzzes a bit. Not sure that the CB radio is working. Just receives static. Since I live right next to a highway, it should work. The Tx light indicator comes on, so maybe it's transmitting. Time to dig up the swr meter and test the output. I had to use the voltmeter off of the old fairing because the new one had a lens problem. Everything cleaned up nicely. The aftermarket chrome doodads that the previous owner had added shined up nicely. I'm surprised how nice it all looks. The headlight adjuster won't go low enough for my taste. Maybe it's the new front fork springs raising the front end up higher. I was glad to have the old fairing around for miscellaneous parts and screws. The only problem now is that the radio station/cb presets won't save. Every time I shut the bike off, everything is erased. There is one pair of wires that I could not find a mate too, hmmm.

12/31/04 - The forks are separated from the bike and one is almost rebuilt. Hopefully this will fix the harshness of the front end. I used a 12" adjustable wrench and this strap wrench to unscrew the fork caps without gauling the nice chrome tubes. The forks seemed to be low on fluid. Here is all of the fluid drained from both forks. They should have filled the bottle twice. Here is the best position to pry out the fork dust boot. It comes out with very little force. These forks have never been rebuilt because the foam ring and plastic washer were only on the early version of the '83 Aspencade (83A). Seal orientation is important. Here is the original fork seal as it is just being pulled from the fork slider. You can see the cross hatching and some writing on the top face that always faces out of the slider. The fork tube bushing still has it's gray teflon coating on the inside diameter, so it's still in good shape. When there is just mostly copper showing through, then it's time for replacement. The snap ring requires slightly bent pins in the snap ring pliers to reach and remove it. The fork tube bushings still have a nice gray coating of teflon on them, so they are ok too. This piece of 1.5" schedule 40 plastic pipe should make for a good seal driver to re-install the slider bushing and then the fork seal. I could have machined a part but this was like 64 cents for a foot of the tubing. It's really really helpful to have the tubing be 12" or longer so you can pound on the end to prevent hitting the fork tubes, to drive the parts in place. The TRAC anti dive front suspension hardware needed a good cleaning as well. It seemed like one TRAC piston was stuck. I flushed the fork tubes with fresh fork fluid and used some carb cleaner to spiffy up the anti dive parts. It seemed like the fork fluid was fairly dirty. At least there were no metalic particles present.

12/30/04 - The Wing is torn apart. A few nights ago the seat, tank, and fairing were removed in preparation of repairing the forks and the difficult tail light problem. I replaced the original hazy dash bezel with a good used one from Ebay. It looks way better! The forks came off tonight after removing the calipers per the factory manual. I also ran around today and picked up a new clutch cable and cable lube setup from Motion Pro. The original cable just seems to stiff. Besides it's killing my left hand. Also went by a salvage yard and got what I hoped was a useable ignition switch. But alas it was not the correct one. There is a new switch electrical assembly on Ebay that I bought tonight. It looks correct and says it's for a GL1100. So I hope it gets here on Friday as the guy promised. I could not find one for the 83A as it is some kind of odd setup. There are many new pics posted here. The throttle housing on the right handlebar is now fixed. A few days ago I adjusted the valves, installed new spark plugs and changed the oil to Shell Rotella T Sythetic purchased at Walmart. I have the new coolant but have not had time to do a flush and refill of the cooling system yet. It looks like the carbs will have to come apart as there was no improvement in how the engine runs. One plug showed a white insulator with the other 3 a slight tan color. Sounds like that one plug is really running lean. The new fairing is full of cat food. It looks like there was a mouse hiding out at some point. So I've got to get it all vacuumed out. I just hope the critter didn't eat any of the wiring. The Carbtune II guage arrived from the UK in it's nice pouch. This should help nail down the rough engine running by syncing up the carbs.

12/17/04 - Today the parts I purchased from Jim W. in Texas, thru Ebay that arrived. They look nice. The new digital dash bezel is in great shape. As you can see the old one is toasted. The old right saddlebag lid is badly damaged. The old fairing has a major gouge in it too where a wing got torn off it. The original upholstry and some of the paint is sun faded very badly. The high beam switch just got repaired. The throttle assembly is cracked and will get replaced.

11/22/04 - Today I purchased an '83 Honda Aspencade Goldwing for $850 with 37,000 total miles. With $75 for the tow and $50 for the battery, I'm into this bike about $975 total. It has some parts that are busted up and need replacement. Ebay looks good for parts.


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