Steel Conflict February Tournament
120 Pound Class Brackets
Double Elimination Rounds
Elimination Rounds Winners Bracket
Elimination Rounds Losers Bracket Huggy Bear
Final Rounds Winners Bracket Moloch Bye Bye Huggy Bear
Final Rounds Losers Bracket Mr D. Moloch Moloch Misty The Wonderbot
Final Rounds Final Moloch Moloch Misty The Wonderbot Misty The Wonderbot
Problem Child Windstorm Bit Schlap T-Minus
  Bit Schlap Bit Schlap T-Minus T-Minus  
  Windstorm Bye Tuka Tuka  
To Finals Karkas Moloch Bye Misty The Wonderbot
Cronus Karkas Harmageddon Knee Breaker To Finals
  Bye Bye Bye Harmageddon  
  Logos Bye Knee Breaker Knee Breaker  
Logos Logos Bye Knee Breaker
Karkas SOB Diesel Viking Dragon
Malvolio Bye Viking Dragon Viking Dragon
Psychoballistic Psychoballistic Psychoballistic Karcass
Plan B Bye Particle Accelerator Particle Accelerator
Plan B Plan B Bye Karcass
Viking Dragon Tesla's Tornado Complete Control Complete Control
  Tesla's Tornado Tesla's Tornado Tesla's Tornado Complete Control  
  All Weather Tire Bot Bye Mow Blow Mow Blow  
T-Minus Viking Dragon Bye Complete Control
To Finals Devil's Plunger T-Minus Chia Bot The Devestator To Finals
  Chia Bot Chia Bot The Devestator The Devestator  
  Bot Ugly Bye Weed Wacker Weed Wacker  
Jimmy Chia Bot Bye The Devestator
T-Minus Jimmy Lupus Ex Luna Problem Child
Lupus Ex Luna Lupus Ex Luna Problem Child Problem Child
Jimmy Bye Deb Bot Deb Bot
Sweet Sweet Sweet Cronus
Diesel Bye Jimmy Jimmy
Harmageddon Sweet Bye Cronus
Bravepart Harmageddon Jethrow Rabid Javelinas
  Jethrow Jethrow Rabid Javelinas Rabid Javelinas  
  Harmageddon Bye Bot Ugly Bot Ugly  
To Finals Huggybear Bravepart Bye Cronus
Misty The Wonderbot Huggybear Ch53 Max Wedge To Finals
  Mullet Mullet Mullet Ch53  
  Tuka Bye All Weather Tire Bot All Weather Tire Bot  
Huggybear Mullet Bye Ch53
Hypersonic Huggybear Maggot Max Wedge
Maggot Maggot Plan B Plan B
Huggybear Bye Max Wedge Max Wedge
Devil's Plunger
Snapper Snapper Snapper Devil's Plunger
Mow Blow Bye Malvolio Malvolio
Particle Accelerator Mow Blow Bye Devil's Plunger
CH53 Particle Accelerator Hypersonic Hypersonic
  Rammin Ralph Rammin Ralph Rammin Ralph Hypersonic  
  Particle Accelerator Bye Bye Logos  
Weed Wacker Particle Accelerator Logos Devil's Plunger
To Finals Complete Control Weed Wacker Bravepart Psychotron To Finals
  Atom Smasher Bye Bye Bravepart  
  Weed Wacker Atom Smasher Atom Smasher Windstorm  
Weed Wacker Weed Wacker Windstorm Bravepart
Rabid Javelinas Mars Mars Psychotron
Mars Mars Mr. D Mr. D
Deb Bot Bye Psychotron Psychotron
Single Elimination Final Rounds
Complete Control Kneebreaker
Karcas Psychotron
Psychotron Kneebreaker Winner
Max Wedge Max Wedge Max Wedge
Devil's Plunger Max Wedge
Devastator Devastator