Speed Record Machine


To develop and build a Helicopter that will be fast enough to challenge the World Speed Record with simple/inexpensive components.

Shuttle Specifications

  • A second ported OS 46FX is installed.

  • Carburetor is the SuperTiger .90 size. The body was machined to fit the OS crankcase. The intake sleeve was removed for more airflow.

  • The tuned pipe is a .40 size V-Tech with a Jayson Products/Johnson header (Arizona, USA).

  • Fuel: Fifteen percent Klotz nitromethane + 18% Klotz KL-100 or KL-200 oil + 67% pure methanol = 100%

  • Main Rotor Blades are carbon NHP 550mm X 47mm. Update!! Now experimenting with many other blades on a heli dyno.

  • Pitch range with full power applied is +18 degrees to -12 degrees. Total range is 30 degrees.

  • Mainshaft is from an older Shuttle. It is about 24mm longer than the stock ZX, to handle all of the extra pitch.


    3mm Aluminum Socket head screwsThese are 3mm aluminum tail rotor housing screws made on the lathe and CNC mill.

    Nelson 40 exhaust flangeThese are flanges I machined on my Bridgeport for the Nelson 40 exhaust header.

    Top Clutch Bearing Removal ToolThis tool is for removing the top clutch bearing block after the bearing is Loctited to the shaft.

    46 Left  40 RightThe 46FX sleeve on the right is not ported. The 40SF sleeve on the left has just the exhaust ported.

    Stock Shuttle side framesThis is the Shuttle using stock sideframes.

    ZXX Servo TrayHere are the servos and linkage.

    OS 40 Bottom ViewIt really is only an old airplane OS 40SF motor.

    OS 46 Bottom ViewIt really is only an airplane OS 46FX motor.

    Speed FlyHere is the real speed secret. A fly trapped inside the blade during molding.