Shuttle .40/.46 Fan Shroud Installation!!

fanshroud1_1.gifThis is the Xcell .30/.46 fan shroud adapted to the Shuttle. The front mount is in the stock location with the addition of a spacer. There is a nut on the inside of the shroud, but it is difficult to install up inside the shroud. The fan is the stock unit. This modification cools the airplane OS 40/46 very well now.

fanshroud2_1.gifHere is the rear shroud mount. Just screws and a small piece of G-10. It's held by a long 3mm screw that goes through the right frame where the old screw went. Green Loctite holds everything together. Notice the notch in the right frame to make clearance for the wider Xcell shroud. The frames may not require the notches, if the engine were mounted higher using a modified 32 size flywheel instead of the 46 size flywheel from the GPH. The GPH flywheel is around 6mm longer.