Optimization Software

   There are a few different kinds of optimizing software that can reduce the time it takes to machine a part or picture. The first type I use when I engrave scenes with lots of unconnected lines or lines that are not part of a closed contour. What this first type of software does is to sort the order the lines or arcs are cut to reduce the time you spend cutting air getting to the next line segment.  One example of some affordable software that does this type of optimization and more, is Camexpert from Ribbonsoft.

   The second type of optimizing software speeds parts production by converting arcs made with many small line segments into single arcs. With most step and direction software you have to accelerate and decelerate for each line or arc segment, so the fewer the entities there are, the faster  you can make your part. FilterMAX is a $2000 example of this type of optimizer. For Filtermax to work the arcs made of line segments must be on one of the three planes G17, G18 or G19. Another optimizer that works this way is Metacut .

   The last type of optimization program adjusts the feed and speeds of the machine to reduce manufacturing time. One such program is NC Optimizer.

   Some toolpath generation software like Mastercam and Surfcam have settings that enable you to optimize the toolpath by specifying the cordal deviation. The software will make the toolpath out of line or arc segments that are as long as they can be without exceeding the specified cordal deviation.