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Servo Motors

Circuit board set

CNC Control Systems

   This is the board set for one axis. The board on the left is the amp the one in the middle is the error generator and the one on the right is the PID filter. Parts list and layout for the individual boards can be found by clicking on the picture of the board. The assembled controller will take up an area of 4 3/8” Wide by  5 1/4” Long and  3” High.

Assembled Controllers

  $179 - 75v output


Single Axis Servo Lite Circuit Board Set

  $39 Plus $5 for shipping

   This picture shows the front of the case and the power supplies for the 3 axis servo system. The control cards and optocoupler board are not  installed in the case so it is easier to see the other  components.

   The Servo Lite System comes with everything you need to automate your machine except for motor mounts, pulleys and belts. The systems are fully assembled and tested and come with all of the cables, power supplies and motors. The 3 axis Servo Lite systems with 36v PWM output control boards and the Clifton motors is $1599

The same system with the Ametek motors is $1720

24v 2200 RPM Clifton Precision DC motor with 200 line encoder dimensions 2” X 6”   5/16 shaft weight 4 lbs no current or torque figures Price $122      


38v DC 1000 RPM Ametek motor with 200 line encoder dimensions 5” X 4”     5/8 shaft   weight 7 lbs 600 oz-in peak       torque   Price $169

  Both of the servo motors I have for sale are surplus but bran new. I have both motors in stock with US Digital encoders mounted on them. The E2 series encoder are used and have a encoder resolution range of 50 to 1000 lines per revolution.

The smaller of the two is a 24v Clifton Precision motor that works well on machines the size of a mill drill or a Shoptalk, I think they would be overkill for a Sherline.

The other motor is a 38v Ametek Servo motor, these motors will work for full sized machines.