Mechanical CAD

Mechanical cad programs are optimized for reducing the time it takes to make dimensionally accurate 3D models that have to be mathematically perfect. Mechanical cad is not well suited to making or editing complex and irregular organic shapes.

SolidWorks 2000   Powerful, easy to use, and innovative, SolidWorks 2000 is the leading mainstream CAD solution. Evaluate more design alternatives, reduce rrors, and enhance product quality. Only SolidWorks 2000 offers the solid modeling power and performance to get any job done, while being intuitive enough for every engineer and designer to learn.       $3995

SolidThinking 4.0   NURBS and polygonal modeling, Subdivision Surfaces, Construction History, full OpenGL support, the most advanced modeling tools, all industry  leading rendering techniques, data exchange with most popular CAD and animation  programs, available on both Windows and Macintosh   $2495

IronCAD  Beyond existing production solid modeling, IronCAD™ advances Windows® based mechanical engineering into the realm of productive solid modeling. A radical new drag and drop 3D environment and an advanced visual approach makes anyone fast and effective in creating and modifying designs. IronCAD's unique architecture and patented technologies enable all collaborators to confidently share in a concurrent design process without regard to who built the model, how it was created, or which CAD system was used. With all the features expected of a production product development tool, and more importantly those features unique to IronCAD, mechanical engineers are embracing a revolution.    $4995

Cadkey 99   CADKEY's hybrid modeling environment gives design and manufacturing professionals a choice of design tools for creation and editing, as well as powerful operoperability and  model repair functions for manufacturing. Ideal for a multi-CAD environment, CADKEY can support and modify all types of  2D/3D wireframe, surface or solid data from other CAD/CAM/CAE systems. It's the perfect alternative or companion to parametric solid modelers which are limited by a singular approach to design.         $1995 - $3995

Autodesk Mechanical Desktop With all the talk about 2D versus 3D design techniques, you would think that one approach is better than the other. But mechanical design professionals tell us they need both 2D and 3D design tools.
The reason is simple. In the real world of mechanical design, some projects move faster in 2D. Others require the sophistication of 3D solid models. And today, most jobs benefit from a combination of the two. With Mechanical Desktop™ software, you get the best of both worlds. That's because Mechanical Desktop unites traditional 2D drafting tools with 3D-modeling capabilities in one seamless, easy-to-use solution. So now you no longer have to choose between 2D and 3D. Simply choose Mechanical Desktop.   $4995

Solid Edge   Unigraphics Solutions' Solid Edge is the CAD system of choice for mechanical design professionals seeking a competitive edge. Solid Edge delivers superior productivity for mechanical part and assembly design and drafting, helping manufacturers get to market faster with higher-quality, lower-cost products.  $4995

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