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   Cad software is where the Gcode making process begins. First you draw the part you want and then export it as a dxf file. Next you convert the dxf file to Gcode. There is a lot of cad software out there ranging in price from free to thousands and varying in complexity from easy to hard. Usually you can do more with the cad systems that are more complex and cost more but they have a much steeper learning curve. Below are some links to free and not so free cad software.

Turbo CAD 2D     TurboCAD 2D has over 200 drawing and dimensioning tools you'll need to create complete 2D designs. TurboCAD 2D is fully compatible with AutoCAD, and  that allows you to share your ideas and designs with architects, engineers, and designers who have invested thousands of dollars in their drafting/design software!   Free Download

TurboCAD v6.5 TurboCAD 6.5 now offers AutoCAD® 2000 file sharing, ACIS® 5.3, LightWorks Photo-Realistic Rendering, new 2D and 3D  tools, and more!   $99                              

TurboCAD Pro v6.5   $199 15 Day Working Demo Available

TurboCAD Pro v6.0 Review

IntelliCAD 2000 by CADopia Nice CAD program for free and it saves in dxf and all kinds of other formats, 13 Meg Download. The regular version is Free and the professional version that has additional features sells for  $99                

Article on IntelliCAD 2000

Intellicad 98 Review

CadStd   CadStd Lite is real freeware. It is not shareware, or demoware. CadStd Pro and CadStd Lite are identical except for advanced features like Angular and Radial Dimensions, Layers, Advanced Printing, Offset, Intercept, Trim, Gap and HPGL loading. Free Download

DeltaCad   DeltaCad is a powerful, easy-to-learn, computer-aided design program. It can produce accurately scaled drawings or just pretty pictures to paste into your favorite word processor. DeltaCad can be used for drafting, house plans, business cards, forms, labels, maps, flow charts, etc. By Midnight Software, Inc.   $39   45 day Demo available

DeltaCAD 3.1 Review

CADVANCE Version 6.5   Don’t waste your time downloading this one it is pretty much useless because they decided to disable dxf file export.   Free Download

DRAFT Choice     Draw and export as a dxf or hpgl file there is a 30 day demo cost is $59 for the regular version or $99 for the professional version .   Demo Available

Autosketch         $99

DesignCAD 3000   DesignCAD 3000 is the best tool for your design needs. With numerous high-end features, DesignCAD 3000 compares favorably with CAD systems costing thousands of dollars more. But unlike other high-end systems, DesignCAD is easy to learn and easy to use. DesignCAD 3000 gives you everything for one low price. No other design software comes close to matching DesignCAD 3000’s performance/price ratio. $299             30 Day Demo  

bcad 3.5 Introducing bCAD - a software project dedicated to developing a new wave  of 3D graphics and CAD technology and a family of desktop applications for 2D  sketching and precise drafting, 3D modelling and photorealistic rendering. A free version that runs in dos mode is available but I could not get it to run right on my computer.  Prices range from $125 to $595

bcad 2.2 This is a dos based 3D drafting package that will export dxf files. The user interface is kind of clumbsy but since it is Free you might want to check it out.

FelixCad FelixCAD 4.01 is the latest release of the world's best professional CAD value. Since being introduced in 1996, FelixCAD has rapidly evolved to offer the perfect combination of power, performance, compatibility, ease of use, programmability, and price. For end users, FelixCAD 4.01 is a professional grade 32-bit Windows CAD that offers amazing AutoCAD compatibility at an excellent price.               $400               30 Day Demo    

TwinCAD V3.1   TwinCAD is an easy-to-use design and drafting program for preparing precision CAD drawings.  With its powerful CAD engine, TwinCAD offers comprehensive 2D CAD functions that are comparable and compatible with AutoCADtm, while in a more thoughtful and productive way.   You may use TwinCAD as a standalone CAD system which does virtually all the design and drafting work for you, or simply take it as an add-on feature provider for AutoCADtm, as its DWG compatibility would allow you to work around the two systems freely.     $99

TwinCAD PRO TwinCAD Pro is a full-featured 2D CAD system and is fully programmable. As a solution-based CAD engine, TwinCAD Pro provides you with an unparalleled programming tool (TCL, TwinCAD Command Language) that can readily be used to implement any function enhancement you might think of, or to develop 3rd party applications to meet your special needs. $199                  

VectorWorks   VectorWorks 8.5 offers Macintosh and Windows users the benefits of proven CAD technology and introduces a new Object-Based design philosophy. VectorWorks seamlessly integrates next generation Object-Based design with precision 2D drafting, powerful 3D modeling, high-quality rendering, a dynamically linked worksheet function, and a flexible scripting language. This integration gives you the increased productivity of Object-Based design with out sacrificing the flexibility and control offered by general purpose CAD.                                                                           

Vellum Draft 99 Vellum Draft 99 combines the classic Vellum interface with powerful 2D wireframe modeling. For mechanical design detailing, Vellum Draft features integrated parametrics,  ANSI compliant dimensioning (including GD&T Y14.5 symbols) and Bill of Materials management.

CAD/DRAW2             $59

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