Some links are dead. If you know where the new site is located please email me so I can update these links at mikep_95133 at I updated many of them as of 16Mar2010.

Camtronics   In my opinion Dan Mauch from Camtronics is the king of low cost CNC. Through personal experience and hearing what people on the internet have said I don’t think you can go wrong dealing with Dan.

The quality of the technical help Dan’s customers get can’t be beat. Camtronics has also helped advance the hobby-CNC scene by investing a lot of time and money in investigating and beta testing low cost software and hardware alternatives for the DIY CNCer.

Majosoft’s hobby site     This is Martin De Roode’s web page and it is a real nice site that should be an inspiration to the do it yourself CNCer. Martin’s site is geared towards CNC engraving but it also has lots of other good information and links to other CNC related stuff. One of Martins many talents is programing and he has some free CNC related programs available, for non commercial use.

Mike has done a great job on his web site, it deals mostly with RC helicopters and it looks like he takes it pretty seriously. In order to make parts for his helicopters Mike has bought a used Bridgeport mill and totally rebuilt it. Anyone thinking about buying a used mill and converting it to CNC should have a look a his site as he has pictures of the process along with a price list of the parts.

Servo Lite is what mike is using to control his mill and here is a picture of the electronics here.

Jon Elson’s Machining Page   Jon’s page is about metalworking and his adventures in retrofitting an old Allen Bradley controlled Bridgeport. Jon has replaced the ancient controller with a combination of EMC, Servo to go electronics and amps of his own design. Jon is a real smart guy and a valuable resource for information on machining and CNC.

A Home-brew CNC Milling Machine   This is a link to Bryan Mumfords web page, Mumford Micro Systems. It looks like Bryan does some nice work, the pictures of his vertical mill retrofit look real clean.

Home Build Hobby Plotter / Engraver   Lots of free Qbasic programs for running your home built plotters. It has a wealth of information and interesting links.

Ron Ginger   From what I have seen on Ron’s web page it appears that he is an accomplish machinist and model maker. Another of Ron’s projects is designing conversational gcode generation software to control the two mills he converted to CNC. Ron has a nice site with some good pictures of his converted Grizzly mill.

Adrian Hodgson’s CNC page documents his experience in converting a manual Chester Champion milling machine to CNC control.

Adrian’s site has a logical layout that’s easy to follow and understand. Also on this site you will find information about the software and hardware that Adrian has experimented with.

Chris Salter is Building a rather large  5’ X 10’ CNC controlled torch router combination. On Chris’s web page you will find some good pictures of his machine and a brief description of how it is built and what it is made of. I am always interested in the way people design their machines and especially like the looks of his linear guide setup.

DAK Engineering Home of Turbo CNC Dave Kowalczyk has written a dos program to control up to eight motors with step and direction or phase signals.

This site has some good pictures of CADMAN’s CNC mill made of wood. The description of his web page lifted directly from his home page.

This site will be dedicated to the understanding of home CNC. My goal is to have a CNC mill for home use that is capable of machining light weight metals like brass and aluminum. I may also want to machine some steel. As I go through the learning process, I will document to this site what I have learned. My hope is that this site will help someone else on the road to home CNC.

Hans Wedemeyer’s web page   Hans’s  site is a collection of his projects and has a couple of  them are related to CNC. One page shows how he has modified his Maxnc mill and the other has a program for converting excellon files to gcode.

Kelly has experimented with a homemade CNC machine and is in the process of writing a CNC control program called KCam. There is another program of interest on his site that converts excellon files to gcode. I have not used this program yet but I hear that it has some functions that might be useful in making prototype circuit boards. Lot’s of great links to CNC related stuff here too.

(DEAD LINK)Florin Neagu’s web site has a page on it that shows his homemade CNC engraver along with the schematics for the electronics that control it. There is also some CNC engraver links on this page. A very useful application of the engraver is making circuit boards and Florin has used his to do just that.

Hugh Currin’s web page Shows the beautiful job he did on retrofitting his Supermax milling machine with Camtronics electronics. There is not much on his page right now but I sure hope he adds to it.

Dave Rigotti's site has supplies for people interested in low cost CNC. I have done business with Dave in the past and was very happy with the price of my purchase.

John Kleinbauer Unique Plans For Hobbyists. Plans for a CNC PC board drilling machine and a CNC Milling machine are offered here, there is also some links to CNC related stuff. It should not take long to investigate this site as it is rather small.

John also sells assembled stepper controllers and stepper controller kit’s, that include a circuit board that was made on his homemade mill.

Jeff Demand uses his CNC Unimat to make some nice looking jewelry that is displayed on his site. listed in the links page are some of the software Jeff uses to make his complex shapes.

Tauseef  uses a Sherline mill that he has set up for CNC, to make things like helicopter parts and candles.

(DEAD LINK)Dean’s Hobby CNC has stepper motors, controllers and systems for building a low cost CNC machine. The pictures of Deans homemade routers and linear bearing ideas are wonderful.

Bruce Shapiro’s is using CNC for artistic purposes and has a very interesting web page with great pictures and links. I lost half a day to researching tessellation’s after getting side tracked by a link from this site. Bruce’s artwork is made with a CNC torch and engraver, I would definitely check this site,  The Art of Motion Control.

Kadtronix is a robotic oriented site but it has some pictures of a low budget homemade PCB plotter

(DEAD LINK)Al Schoepp’s CNC Taig mill There is a wiring diagram here for setting your machine up with Gecko drivers.

Dave’s Place This site has nice clear pictures of a Grizzly mill conversion, along with text describing how he did it and the components he used.

Frits van Breemen-Schneider’s home page has some model airplane products for sale but the CNC foam cutter is what caught my eye.

On Matt Shaver’s site you will find some information on what he used to convert a full size Bridgeport mill to CNC control.

Pete’s MDF CNC mill page has some notes on it’s construction along with some pictures

Henry Palonen’s web site has lots of nice clear pictures of a small mill he built. Henry uses EMC to control his machine and has some information about it here.