Backplotting and Verification Software

Backplotting or verification software is used to check your gcode for mistakes or get a better idea of what the machining process will look like. Listed below are some backplotting programs and some snipits from their web pages describing them. In order to be as fair as possible I should note that these comparisons are unscientific and incomplete, only the most basic gcodes were looked at. Here are some screen shots and short personal reviews of the software listed below.

MetaCut View (Mike's favorite) sets new standards for speed and ease of use. Even  multi megabyte toolpaths open in a few seconds and with the exclusive "Smart Import" feature most styles of cnc machine codes are recognized automatically. Viewing, checking and getting detailed information about your code becomes a point and click operation.  And you can forget about tedious setup procedures and flaky translations, MetaCut View already understands your toolpaths. $99 to $599     Download The Demo       Screen Shot

CutViewer is an easy-to-use program that simulates 2, 2-1/2 and 3 axis CNC Machines removing material from Stock in  true Solid modeling. Using CutViewer will increase your productivity, all but eliminate programming errors, and prevent machine down time while debugging. $400     Download The Demo       Screen Shot

NCSentry show’s Tool changes, collisions and errors in the code, are all listed in an interactive report that can be printed. Just click on the warning and NCSentry will take you to that position. Double click on a tool and the tool settings are shown. $249   Download the Demo     Screen Shot

NcEdit - Tcam TCAM/NcEdit is a powerful NC program editor with DNC communications capability that transfers NC programs from your PC to RS-232 equipped CNC machines and vice versa.       $99 to $549     Download the Demo       Screen Shot

EditNC 7.2

EditNC 7.2 is an EXTREMELY powerful CNC File Editor! It includes many functions that make it a useful tool for programmers, engineers and machinists. Some of these functions include a Multiple Document Interface, Sequence Numbering, Address  Color Coding, Address Math Operations, Insert/Remove Spaces, Dynamic search by  Tool/Speed or Feed, File Analysis, File Compare, Programming Calculator, Backplotter and Context Sensitive Help. Free  or  $150    Download the Demo     Screen Shot


Discriminator - CNC Editor     Discriminator is a CNC editor with many of the features you would expect from a CNC editor but with additional features that set it apart from the rest. CNC programming and editing CNC code can be a very fatiguing task. This is why the Discriminator CNC editor allows the user to view the code in may different fonts and colors within the same document. Other custom CNC editors make use of colored text, but because Discriminator allows formatting with different fonts it has a major printing advantage.   $45      Download the Demo       Screen Shot


Cimco Powercut Powercut is a software product for rapid and accurate NC program simulation and verification. It processes NC programs and CL-data from leading CAD/CAM  systems. The resulting model can be examined in order to identify and correct possible programming errors.   Download the Demo     Screen Shot

Edit V6

Cimco Edit V6 Opens and handles files fast. Unlimited file size. Advanced NC aware file compare. Drip feed, send and receive NC programs simultaneously on multiple serial ports. Integration with CAD/CAM systems. Open and edit multiple programs. Download the Demo     Screen Shot


3DView Traditionally 2D drawings have been used to share and exchange product designs, but a 3D representation provides a more natural and intuitive medium to  communicate and exchange design information. Introducing ....3DView CAD  Viewer - an ideal tool to visualize, measure and markup NATIVE 3D CAD/CAM  models without a full featured CAD system or costly server. $495   Download the Demo     Screen Shot

Predator Virtual CNC which is  software that helps machinist programmers verify that a program will run properly before actually cutting metal, thus avoiding scrap.  Predator Virtual CNC provides fast and accurate solids based verification of 3, 4 and 5 axis milling and 2 axis turning from G-code, APT or other intermediate file formats.$2995    Download the Demo     Screen Shot

Multi-DNC - Spectrum The best DNC Software in the world. With guaranteed reliability & FREE  software updates it's easy to see how you can benefit from using Multi-DNC  Download the Demo

NC Verify graphically simulates the material removal process by continuously updating the stock solid shape as the tool moves along the toolpath to produce  the final part. NC Verify identifies errors-including bad and/or rapid cuts, program errors and collisions before actual production begins.

VERICUT software simulates NC machining to detect tool path errors and inefficient motion. During the part programming stage, you  can eliminate errors that could ruin the part, damage the fixture, break the cutting tool, or crash the machine - without doing a single prove-out on the  machine.

EditNC - CNCProse   CNCProse offers a powerful NC Editor with built in  Analysis with Compare, Calculators for Programming, Trig and Math functions, full NC search by Tools, Spindle & Feeds with Global modifications and much  more and an NC Backplotter. Plus we will give you a free single DNC  Communications package with it. The demo will backplot but the save function is disabled. $295

NCSim NCSim is a fully capable 3-axis CNC simulator that can handle "reasonable" 3-axis G codes. It interprets G0,G1,G2,G3 geometric motions commands only, while allowing different tools (T commands), feedrates (F command) and spindle speeds (S commands) control. All other G-codes and M-codes are ignored. Since the simulation is based on a (software) Z-buffer, The output geometry of the simulation can be saved as a polygonal mesh as either an IRIT file, an STL file or an IGES file. Similarly, the toolpath itself, as a polyline, could be saved into an IRIT or an IGES file. Free.

AutoEditNC   This editor backplotter is a little weak but it is still being worked on and it is free.