Desknc Gcodes

DeskNC assumes G90 (Absolute coordinates) and uses incremental I and J (K) only.  It accepts comments, line numbers, spaces or no spaces, and modal commands.

G0Rapid travel at maximum feedrate.
G1Linear interpolation at current feedrate.
G2Clockwise circular interpolation at current feedrate.  X-Y plane only.
G3CounterClockwise circular interpolation at current feedrate. X-Y plane only.
G4 Dwell in tenths of a second. Eg. G04 X10 will dwell for 1 second.
G81Drill cycle.
G90 Absolute coordinates (Assumed).
G92    Set Coordinates
M0Program Stop
M2Program end
M7Coolant On
M8 Coolant On
M9Coolant Off
TxxTool change to tool xx