CAD Viewers

Actify’s 3DView   is the ideal tool to visualize, measure and markup 3D native CAD/CAM models  without being required to have a full featured CAD system or costly server. You  can share data with suppliers, customers, engineers, sales, management,  marketing and the shop floor. Core Viewer (includes IGES, VDA-FS, STL,ISO G-Code, VRML and 3D Studio). The price of the core viewer is $195 with other file types available at a substantial extra charge.

Felix32 Light This is a freeware program to display DXF files. It will also save to the BMP or WMF file formats.

3D Exploration   3D Exploration is trialware and you must register the program to continue using it after 30-day trial period. The registration fee is only $40. This software looks real good and for $40 I don’t see how you can wrong.

Cad Viewer 3.2   is rather limited in what it can do compared to some others. It will only view DXF and DWG file formats and there is no save command so it can’t be used to convert from one file format to the other. There is a demo available and the price is $48

SolidView Lite   This program will only view files and won’t save them. The list of file formats it will open is pretty short OBJ - SFX - Solidworks - STL - VRML. The Price of this software is $0 that’s right it’s free

Cad Viewers   Article from Desktop Engineering. A plethora of products is out there that will let you view, print, and mark up CAD files of various flavors, without using CAD software. Here’s advice on how to sort through your options and find the best one for you or your business.

Tidal Wave of Viewers   Article from Catalyst magazine.