Design Images
MacintoshPowerbook 1400/3400/5300/G3 series.

Foot Cycler EngineThe Stilletto foot cycler engine delivered 1000 cycles per hour. 
Foot Cycler CoverStilettofoot cycler cover, controls, and mounting base.
Powerbook 5300TheAcrylic housing for PowerBook components was for hardware development.
Infrared Serial transmitterAcrylic mount for infrared serial port circuitry.
PowerMac 6400 airflow correctorThis is the Air Flow Corrector that I designed for the 6400 series of Desktop Macintosh's. It increased the efficiency of the power supply fan by forcing the air to flow along a designated path to better cool critical components like the processor, hard drive, and CD-ROM before exiting the chassis. Approximately 90,000 units were manufactured.