1986 XJ Trans Had Been Explored Before.

1986 XJ 5 Spd, 2.5L.

Prepping the ’86 XJ and found that the transfer case fluid was brand new. There were also marks matching up the u-joints to each differential. Someone has pulled the transfer case in the not too distant past. Hopefully it was their ‘skills’ that causes the whole truck to shake when engaging the clutch !

1988 Jeep XJ 4.0 Knock Repair. Part 13. Knocking Cured !!

Engine is running very smoothly and quietly. The power is so good compared to before all of the work !!! After being stuck in the garage for over 7 months, The XJ is out being test run daily !!

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Here is the rest of the Knock Repair Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7uHI24cXfc&list=PLCyDzy-NaUwIhZmxHzIv0SJRHACQRIjSx