I fixed the Insight headlight switch, but I did not add a relay. After looking at the crimp and wire that were damaged, it was easy to see that they were over heated. Not a surprise since the plastic around the pin in the headlight switch were melted. Here is a pic of the damaged crimp and wire after removal from the Insight wiring harness. This pic shows that the copper wire discolored from over heating. It’s very easy to see with the naked eye. Not sure if the pic shows it well enough. But the insulation is definitely darker nearest to the crimp end of the wire. The copper wire discolors and the connection to the crimp gets worse.

Here is what I thought would help keep the connection in better condition as it ages. I soldered it. This will take out the ability of the wire to affect the connection. We’ll see how long it lasts.

The headlight switch is still bad, but I found a Honda Service Bulletin 04-015 that lists the light switch and connector kit used in the recall. The incredible thing is that the kit is far cheaper than the light switch by itself! I bought a kit at Capitol Honda in San Jose, CA and I was shocked. So was the parts guy. Combots is this weekend and I have a lot of motor controllers to get rebuilt. When it’s all over, I’ll put in the headlight switch/connector kit as well as add a relay to take the load instead of the switch. There have been reports on the Insight Central forum of guys Insight’s having the headlight switch fail a second time. So it seems to me that a standard auto parts store Bosch relay is in order.

The MIMA system for the Insight is really beckoning to me. I have been looking into a kit or a completed assembly. It’s hard to tell what the cost savings are. Here are the cables that I would have to buy the wire for and then fabricate.

Here are all of the cables that I would have to source and then fabricate if I go with the kit option.

There is a fellow named Pred that made the MIMA kit and installed it. Here are his pics of how the joysticks were installed. His integration of the joysticks was very clean! Here is a link to many customers of the MIMA.

There is a known issue with the headlights not working. The wiring harness that connects to the headlight switch gets over heated and ruins the connection. I’ve inspected it and it was toasted. I cleaned the melted plastic that corroded the electrical connection. But it now it’s acting up again. So now I either head to the dealership and try to get it covered under warranty or bypass the bad connection.

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