Removing a 2000-2006 Honda Insight IMA battery. Rev 1.2 It takes a first-timer about three hours to remove the battery. With practice,
the entire replacement can be done in 45 minutes.The original instructions are here: Set printer to Landscape. All margins to .5".
Tools: 10mm socket, 12mm socket, extension, T-30 Torx driver, voltmeter, a pair of pliers for one odd bolt.

  1. Open the hatch.

  2. Remove the carpet and trunk box.

  3. Open the little hatch.

  4. Turn off the switch, put the red cover back on backwards and remove the little bolt. A pair of pliers is the easiest way to remove it.

  5. Remove this plate. There are three bolts at the rear and three push-clips that look like phillips-head screws. Use a sharp knife to pry up the center of the clip and remove it, Then the ring can be removed.

  6. Remove all the bolts in the lid. These are 10mm and the three on the each side are Torx T30.

  7. Remove the doorsills

  8. by pulling up on them.

  9. Remove the seatbelt covers

  10. by pulling on them. The 4 plastic clips often pop loose or even break. They can be purchased at most automotive stores.

  11. Peel back the rug to reveal a row of bolts to be removed.

  12. Remove the three bolts on the back of the IPU box.

  13. Remove the lid and remove the styrofoam. The styrofoam must be put back later as it helps cool the battery and IPU.

  14. Test for voltage at these two wires. You will probably see 3 Volts. If you see more than 12 volts, stop and call me! If there are 12V or less, remove the two bolts. If they are covered in red or orange paint, be aware that it is wet and will stain everything. Clean it off with a rag first.

  15. Remove this ground bolt. It is covered in the same wet paint.

  16. Squeeze this tab to release the ground wire.

  17. This plug has a safety interlock. It is clipped to a pin. You have to reach around it and feel for the flat plastic tab and push the tab toward the front of the car.

  18. Then you can slide the plug to the left and off the pin.

  19. Finally, squeeze the button and pull and the plug comes apart.

  20. The computer on the left is the BCM and the one on the right is the MCM.

  21. Unplug these two plugs.

  22. On the other side,

  23. Remove this plug.

  24. Remove these bolts.

  25. Remove the "Tom Mix" bar.

  26. Remove this duct retaining bolt and pull the duct away.

  27. Remove this battery bolt (12mm)

  28. and this one too.

  29. This tubular brace

  30. Connects the battery to the IPU. Remove it.

  31. Remove the bolts from the rear brace also.

  32. Remove the front battery bolts.

  33. Remove the eight bolts that hold the BCM and MCM on.

  34. Unplug the fan.

  35. Flip the BCM, MCM and frame up and out of the way.

  36. Unplug these three connectors.

  37. Have a helper in the front seat lift that end of the battery as you lift and pull the battery toward the back of the car.

  38. Once you have moved it this far, you can lift it out.

  39. Now either put in the replacement battery, put in the bypass board (junction board) or tape up the two high voltage cables and close up the car. Always retest the voltage at the high voltage wires if you have turned on the key or if it has been a few hours. The capacitors in the IPU can pick up a charge from the electric motor or from the air.