Insight Battery disassembly instructions in printable form. Set printer to Landscape. Margins set to .5" on all 4 sides.
The original instructions are here:

  1. This battery was 93 lbs in the crate and cost about $100 to ship from Georgia to NYC.

  2. Removing the fan would have allowed a smaller shipping container, but you it needs to be sent to me to allow me to upgrade it.

  3. Ready for disassembly.

  4. All the bolts have been removed with a non conductive wrench. The screws are attached to the PTC strips which sense the temperature of the battery.

  5. Now the plate has been removed and the battery has been broken into 10 individual circuits of 14.4V each. The battery is now safe.

  6. You are looking at the ends of the 20 sticks of batteries that make up the pack. Each stick is made up of six "D" cell batteries
    that have been welded together. I test and recondition each of these seperately.
    THAT'S why it takes three weeks to rebuild a battery.

  7. Now we turn it around to the other side. This is the side you want to keep your fingers out of when handling the battery. There are some places here where you could get a shock, much like playing with a 110V wall outlet. Just be careful when handling it.

  8. See the gray plugs?

  9. Look what's under them - 96V.

  10. After removing the four plugs and the bolts underneath them, we remove six retaining bolts and the whole assembly comes off. These bolts are safe because the other side was already taken off.

  11. These spacers are used for the four bolts under the plugs.

  12. I'll stick the four spacers and bolts back in temporarily to make it easier to charge.

  13. The charger/tester/reconditioner in action on the first stick. I leave the sticks in the pack unless I have to replace one.

  14. This battery had one bad stick. Here I am preparing a replacement stick. I recondition/test the replacements as well.

  15. Out with the old and in with the new.

  16. Because this battery has been overheating, it makes sense to make sure the cooling fan is working at full efficiency. The battery's fan pulls air through the battery (from a vent behind the passenger seat). Unfortunately there are air leaks. Believe it or not, this is what every Insight fan shroud looks like.

  17. Here is a closeup look at the gap. These air leaks reduce the flow of air through the battery.

  18. How do we fix it? Simple.

  19. Here is a closeup look at the gap. These air leaks reduce the flow of air through the battery.

  20. Don't forget to put the spacers and the rubber plugs in.

  21. Next is to reassemble the battery without killing myself. First replace the circuit side.

  22. Next bend all the PTC tabs straight out.

  23. Carefully slide the plate on and make sure all 20 PTC tabs are sticking out. If any are not, pull the plate back off and adjust them and try again. The battery is now dangerous. Next use something non-conductive (like a wooden chopstick) to bend down the tabs. Use a screwdriver with a magnetic tip to install the screws. Put the screw on the tip and guide it into the hole without touching the metal shaft of the screwdriver. Using your non-conductive wrench, install the bolts without touching the metal socket or any metal of the wrench.

  24. Install the top rows of bolts.

  25. Install the middle rows of bolts.

  26. Install the bottom rows of bolts. Why in this order? Because if you slip, gravity will make you slip down, and after you install the bolts, they stick out a little and you are more likely to hit them.

  27. Lastly, put the cover on. Now the battery is safe.

  28. All that's left is to pack it up.

  29. Ship it out.

  30. UPS will ship it.