Mike's HTML Reference page

Fineeldercare.com This clients site, The Birches Residential Care Home in Palo Alto, utilizes html and frames to create pages and navigation with larger fonts for the elderly, as specified by the owner. The images were digitized from video tape or scanned from photos. The Birches Eldercare Home and it's website have been published in the San Jose Mercury News.

Machine Shop With Javascript, frames, html, and Photoshop, this is a machine shop site that I developed. It is complete with animated frames, navigation, and a functional parts orderform with a cgi script that I also wrote. I have had many good relationships with machinists over the years.

Dating Site This is a Singles Dating web site that is menubar navigated and features color coordinated fonts and images that are easy on the eyes.

Flyer Home Page This is my own personal website. It has framed navigation, employment resume, images of my mechanical & electronic design work, and lots of Radio Controlled Helicopter stuff with updates on the races I attend. All of the images were run through Photoshop for their formatting.

Thanks for stopping by to check my Web references. If you have any other questions, please email me at mikep_95133 "at" yahoo.com.