Y2K poem.... Here's the news...

03/14/2010 - The Servolite CNC hardware gets blown up then gets a 200 volt upgrade!

06/07/09 - Now there is a blog for the electric USE S10's.

06/07/09 - Sleep Apnea log update.

06/07/09 - The Segway scooter clone project did great at Maker Faire!

08/05/07 - The Segway scooter clone project is under way!

02/06/07 - The Servo Lite website recreation is getting more work done on it.

02/09/06 - The S10 is getting a battery management system to try and make those 104 Hawkers last a while.

01/10/06 - Grandma Thomas passed away today. We went to her funeral in Denver. Got to celebrate my birthday with my Dad, during a Bronco's playoff game no less!!

12/09/05 - Finally picked up a Vector Analyzer for making antennas!

07/02/05 - 3140 mile Road Trip on the Goldwing!!!

02/09/05 - Purchased a fully electric S10 Truck!

01/23/05 - Rob Hill at Antenna Magic is instructing me on the electric guitar as of 01/19/05. Here is an mp3 file of my playing after a few days of practice.

01/15/05 - I made a DVD of the Monster Nation episode we were in. I'll be mailing out copies to family and friends soon.

01/10/05 - The recreation of the Servo Lite website is here.

01/09/05 - Here is the progress of the '83 Honda Aspencade that I picked up Thanksgiving week.

12/01/04 - Tonight, the episode of Monster Nation that we and Max Wedge were in, aired on Discovery Channel's Monster Nation. It was awesome!!

10/10/04 - Max Wedge wins 1st Place in the RFL Nationals for an incredible 2nd year in a row!!

09/16/04 - Sleep Apnea Surgery (Finally!!!) Log.

09/14/04 - Latest updates on the Yamaha XT600 rebuild.

07/31/04 - The Electric Vehicle projects page has been added.

07/08/04 - Here's the rehabilitation of my Yamaha XT600 dual sport motorcycle.

05/22/04 - We spend the day in San Leandro filming a segment of Monster Nation with Team Plumb Crazy, Mikey, and Rick. It will air around late November. Max Wedge sustained more damage than it ever has, with the single front wedge.

05/15/04 - My experience and solution to killing a massive attack of Crapware on my pc.

04/25/04 - Max Wedge wins 1st place at RCX in Anaheim, CA!!

03/21/04 - Max Wedge wins 1st place at RobOlympics in SF, CA!!

03/01/04 - KG6TYD - Now I'm a ham!

01/16/04 - OSMC & RS80D repairs now available.

10/24/03 - Max Wedge was shown in a grisley fight against Hazard on cable tv's Inside R/C show. This fight is shown alot in the last 5 minutes of the show. Other televised Steel Conflict events are shown here.

10/06/03 - The Shuttle raced against World Champions this weekend in Sacramento, California!! Fremont and Reno updates were added also.

09/21/03 - We went to the Triangle Series Nationals and won 1st Place with Max Wedge!

08/17/03 - We went to Steel Conflict 4 and got our butts kicked.

07/26/03 - A Victor/Thor repair page has been added.

09/09/02 - We went to Steel Conflict 2 and kicked some more butt!

10/06/02 - What a race in Sacramento, California !!

08/25/02 - We went to Steel Conflict and kicked some butt!

08/18/02 - 1st place in Unlimited Class Heli Racing at Bayside in Fremont California this weekend!!

07/30/02 - Robot update.

05/19/02 - 05/27/02 Battlebots Season 5.0 competition.

01/02/02 - The old Flyer site is now moved over to RotorDesign.com

10/08/01 - 1st in Sacramento this weekend!!

09/22/01 - Sheldon lathe purchased with lots of tooling!!

08/26/01 - First Place in the 60 class at Fremont! See the Shuttle Racing page for details.

07/21/01 - Battlebots look like a great Robotic competion.

07/21/01 - Bridgeport CNC retrofit update.

06/09/01 - First Place in the 60 class at Reno! See the Shuttle Racing page for details.

05/24/01 - CNC Pro was purchased and installed as the CAM software. Testing has shown that CNC Pro is very smooth when cutting very complicated curves.

05/11/01 - The ballscrews from HQT are now installed in the mill. This weekend there should be time to test their backlash and smoothness. There should be no backlash at all.

05/04/01 - The ServoLite electronics and the mechanical hardware are now up and running smoothly. The brackets for attaching a servo motor to the Z axis were cut entirely with the retrofit CNC hardware! The search is on for software. Pic's are also on their way. Ballscrews are due in next week.

03/30/01 - The CNC retrofit is complete and running. Some test machining of parts will happen over the next few days.

03/25/01 - The mounting hardware for the X & Y axis motors are machined and mounted to the Bridgeport. The motors and pulleys are almost done too. The Z axis mounts still need to be designed. All of the mounting hardware was designed using Rhino 3D. Some testing will be done over the next few days to see how the whole system works.

02/28/01 - The CNC electronics are finished and tested. They just require some connectors to attach them to the motors on the mill. Some adapters will have be made to mount the motors to the mills table.

01/22/01 - First machined parts from the rebuilt mill.

01/22/01 - New pics of the crashed Cobra.

01/16/01 - The 1969 Plymouth Suburban Wagon is no longer for sale.

01/05/01 - Shuttle belts for $8.00USD are still available. Paypal is now available for online purchase of the belts.

01/03/01 - Image of the upper clutch bearing block removal tool for the Shuttle.

01/03/01 - More pics of the Bridgeport mill while it's under construction.

11/10/00 - Just purchased a Bridgeport mill! It needs some work. This will be the tool that advances the Shuttle carbon side frames quickly.

10/27/00 - A new CAD package called Rhino allows mechanical design using solids modeling. It's an excellent design package!! See the Shuttle carbon frame assembly that Rhino can generate.

10/07/00 - The Shuttle took First Place in the 46 class AND First Place in the 60 class Drag Racing at the SVRW meet in Sacramento, CA meet this weekend!!

06/08/00 - The SuperCobra threw a blade and it's wasted!!!

06/08/00 - The Heli Thrust Dynomometer prototype is finished and tested.

To Do List

Start and Finish machining the Shuttle Carbon Frames.

The 8103 now has CCPM capability. The 347 needs to be shipped out for CCPM upgrade also.