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01/18/2002 - Z axis

01/02/2002 - Overall view of CNC system.

01/22/2001 - The first parts manually machined on my rebuilt mill.
A, B

01/22/2001 - The Bridgeport completely rebuild and somewhat cleaned up.
18, 19

12/30/2000 - Disassembly of the table. New Screws, installed new nuts. Lots of cleanup required.
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

12/09/2000 - Re-assembly of the head.
5, 6, 7, 8, 9

11/20/2000 - Disassembly of the head. Lots of cleanup required.
1, 2, 3, 4

Rebuild Costs
1957 V-Ram Bridgeport Mill $974.25
Mill Delivery$250
Quill Handle$22
Quill Spring$30
Cam Ring Pins$12
Splined Gear Hub$50
J1 Head Bearings$396
Rebuilt Spindle Bearing Assy$176.50
Draw Bar$12
Backgear Timing Pulley$40
Handle Wheel$20
Quill Lock Handle$6.10
X-Y Nuts$96
Table End Plate$40
Y Axis ACME Screw$85
X Axis ACME Screw$60
Y Axis Bearing$10
Safety Clutch Spring$10
Timing Belt Flange$25
Hand Wheel Clutch Ball$1
Compression Spring$3
Hand Wheel Screw$5.40
Lever Screw$10
Quill Housing Adj gear$155
Collet Align Screw$6.40
Felt Spindle Washer$12
Quill Skirt$12
Drawbar Washer$19
2 Motor Locknut Handle Assy's$72
2 Washer Head Screws$2.50
Worm Shaft Key$2.75
Way Felt Wiper Kit$20
2 Socket cap screws$1
6 Oval Head Screws$2.70
Beveled Z-Axis gears$75
Rebuild Sub-Total$2833.92
Tooling Costs
Accurite II DRO$135
Clamp Kit$65
Kurt 6 inch Vice$200
Vice Swivel Base$30
6 R8 Collets$36
Variable Frequency Drive$200
Tooling Sub-Total$1338.00
Grand Total$4171.92