Today Bill and I went through ideas for the assembly process that I think would make for a ‘once piece’ fold out Yurt. I drew up some ‘paper dolls’ and we folded them into the most efficient shape for transporting them. There will be a couple of challenges but the assembly time on the playa will be very short and I hope can be done by just one person. What a claim!!

We also went to the store and picked up a couple of R-Max panels and some liquid nails in the 28oz tube. We looked at the 8oz canvas cloth at HD but it didn’t seem to be heavier than what I bought at the fabric store. I may take a trip to the army surplus to see if there is any canvas that is heavier.

We hope to get some testing going on the K hinge system, but Michael Jackson’s Memorial is tomorrow, so we may have to push out our testing one day.