Today Bill and I took a brave step in the hot weather and glued the top roof half with the bottom roof half using a six inch wide 4 foot long K-Hinge. We learned that the blue printing on the foam boards comes off with the glue. So we will use a solvent like acetone to remove any blue printing where the glue is to be applied.

Here is the upper roof half with each of it’s halves permanently glued together several days ago. This permanent canvas joint is 6 inches wide, just like the tape that it replaces.

Here is the lower roof half with a K-Hinge glued onto it yesterday.

Here is the K-Hinge glued on from yesterday. This step was easy since one panel is much less bulky to handle than two of them.

Here is a shot of the full upper roof K-Hinge installed. This was tougher to do. The hot weather made the glue set quickly. So when it’s time to do an 8 foot hinge it will have to done in the evening’s cool air.