We stood the assembled wall and roof panel up against the garage wall. The tip of the roof panel was set to 8 feet high. This duplicates the roof angle of a fully assembled Yurt. So now, we are looking at how to adjoin the next wall/roof assembly to the one we just made. I worked out an idea yesterday. Today I have to find the materials and make up a test section. The idea is to sew on half of a heavy duty zipper to one roof panel and the other half of the zipper to the other roof panel. The zipper will have to be sewn to the canvas before it’s glued to the foam board. A few inches of zipper will have to be free hanging in order to be able to start the zipper each time. Each seam where a zipper will go it about 54 inches long. So a 60 inch long zipper should work fine. The sewn zipper should have enough tensile strength as the tape it is replacing.

There are two zipper joints that have to be tested. One is with a K-Hinge installed as occurs between the upper and lower roof panels. The second zipper joint will occur between two unattached roof panels. This second joint will have half of a zipper attached to each of the canvas end caps that are glued along the edges of the roof panels.

I’ll find a couple pieces of wood and attach them together with a K-Hinge with a zipper sewn in as well. This way I can stress the joint to see how the zipper will fail.