We had solid success setting up the roof only portion of the HexaYurt at Bill’s house.

Here is the completed roof.

This is the roof with one of 3 hatches open for ventilation.

Here I am looking out of the roof.

All of the upper and lower roof panels have been hinged together and have had the zippers added to their sides. Tomorrow we are going to see how all of the roof panels are going to zip together without the walls. It will be a good dry run. I bought several more yards of canvas and a few more 28oz tubes of Liquid Nails. There are many 8 foot long hinges to be glued to these panels in the future.

Here are the 3 pairs of roof panels with side zippers finished. It’s nice to have the R & D on this part of the structure done as the building can go much faster. The upper and lower roof panels need to be hinged together like I had done this past Monday. I’ll try and go get some more canvas to make the hinges with today.

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