Here is how the pieces for each of the roof panels get assembled. Just like the picture says, score the foam board from each side to make a nice clean cut.

Today Bill and I went through ideas for the assembly process that I think would make for a ‘once piece’ fold out Yurt. I drew up some ‘paper dolls’ and we folded them into the most efficient shape for transporting them. There will be a couple of challenges but the assembly time on the playa will be very short and I hope can be done by just one person. What a claim!!

We also went to the store and picked up a couple of R-Max panels and some liquid nails in the 28oz tube. We looked at the 8oz canvas cloth at HD but it didn’t seem to be heavier than what I bought at the fabric store. I may take a trip to the army surplus to see if there is any canvas that is heavier.

We hope to get some testing going on the K hinge system, but Michael Jackson’s Memorial is tomorrow, so we may have to push out our testing one day.

I made up this sketch trying to describe to the AEZ folks what I mean by using canvas and Liquid Nails to hinge Yurt foam board panels together. I call it the K hinge. Today I found some decent weight canvas for testing my hinge design. I need to get the foam boards and some Liquid Nails to start the actual testing.

Here is our concept sketches of our Yurt. It was made tonight on the back of a Denny’s paper place mat. This is when we first documented our idea of a Yurt that has the roof and walls folding out from one continuous piece, and our internal anchoring system.

It look like Bill is on board with going to Burning Man. He wants to camp with the Roller Disco guys. I’m bringing my skates as well. I’m still searching for a camp to join. I am really impressed with the idea of a Yurt made from foam insulation boards. It’s suppose to help keep the interior temperature down. We will ask folks about that at the Soulstance gathering this coming weekend. We are rookies after all. We also talked about renting a large truck for bringing all of our stuff.

Here is an url that has a fellow’s experience with building a Yurt at BM the way Bill and I want to.

Here is an 8 foot high HexaYurt being set up on the playa.

I’m reading and searching madly for info on tents and sleeping gear specifically for Burning Man this year. The other thing I did today was to convert to this WordPress format of blogging.  Here are some great links.

Tents, a major camping site, desert structures, and the Burning Man forum.

Here is a fantastic 360 degree photograph at Burning Man.

Here is a great short movie made of Burning Man 2008.

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