I just ordered some parts from McMaster that should help put together
a nice heavy duty bed hinge system. It won’t use a standard hinge. A
couple of bushing mounts on each frame rail, a 5″ long 5/8″ diameter
shaft acting as a hinge pin. Then a couple of 1/4″ -3/8″ thick
aluminum plates that extend down from the bed hard point to the hinge
pin. This will require no welding. It will also allow the alignment of
the bed mounting holes with their frame mount holes. I’ll post pics or
a cad drawing or something when I get the time. This could be
reproduced by anyone without a tilt bed.

Because of the bed mounted tool box I plan on putting in two gas
struts on each side of the bed to see if it will lift the extra weight
of the box. If not, then the tool box gets tossed. The tool box is
mounted flush with the top of the bed, so it’s clean.