EAA 11/5/07

-Bought new heater for truck. Need to get it installed.

-Installed 18 out of 36 helicoils(Permacoil) to help seal the battery pack box lid.
18 side holes need rivet nuts installed after holes are re-shaped due to width issue.

-I’ve driven 12k miles of the trucks 16k miles.
-Truck has 7k miles on the nicad pack.
Spent many hours adjusting the SG level in each Bluetop cell for best life.
Some were way over, most were just a little low.
As much work as single cells is, they allow individual measurements and tweaking.

-Learned how to use software for monitoring ground faults.
When system hard faulted it showed +50 counts above the pack voltage.
After removal of first minor ground fault, the counts were brought down to +25 counts above pack voltage.
After removal of second major ground fault, the counts were brought down to -25 counts under pack voltage.
There is still a ground fault on the passenger side of the pack.
Need to remove entire pack and caulk seams in plastic panels to help reduce ground faults.

-Dropouts are still a major issue.
Swapped main boards.
First one got far worse.
Found that a later revision board has zero dropouts!!
Something on the main boards is wearing out or drifting out of spec.

-Purchased 6 quarts of Mobile1 0W-20 Synthetic.
WIll replace Asoil synthetic because ACP rated the Mobile1 as best lubricant.

-Looking into more work on battery reg’s located on one board.
Compatible with Don’s truck’s DB25 connector.
Will be based on ACP’s BatMon system and my clamper system.
Could ask EAA for sponsoring.
Sell boards with bom for the DIY’s instead of dealing with building them too.

-Bill in Nevada has his USE truck running with the RAV4 pack.
Could be longest range pack in history of USE.

Take load tester for Don
Orange hammer

Clampers for Don