Was at Robogames during the last meeting.
– Took my self balancing scooter.
– Converted from 4 NIMH packs to 3 Lithium A123 packs.
– Charging it with my rack mounted 60v 10a CC-CV power supply.
– Just received a small 36v 10a switching PS for mounting inside the scooter for on board charging.
– Added a reclining camping chair and a joystick for steering in place of barstool.
– Used both barstool and recliner at Maker Faire due to poor solder inside the, brand new in the box, Joystick.
– Took the scooter to the Maker Faire as well.
– Will be taking it to Burning Man.
– Finally got a new wheel from the guys at the Tech Shop.
– Drunk employee crashed the scooter, cracked an aluminum hub and a wheel.
– I was never told of the crash.
– He rode it without consent.

Mapped all of the hundreds of components on the Dolphin board to a spreadsheet.
– This makes possible the ability to compare parts from one generation of board to another.
– Should help find the differences in parts between relaible boards and non-reliable boards.
– The goal is to find the source of the dropout issues.

Purchased a 60v 30a constant current constant voltage power suppply from Ebay.
– It was supposedly fully tested.
– The fan, one filter cap and a third part were shorted.
– Repaired it.
– Works great for recharging batteries during load testing.

Bill and I are building a Yurt for Burning Man.
– See Photo.
– Most are assembled with nylon strapping tape.
– We are testing Liquid Nails and canvas.

Scored a dozen important circuit boards for USE vehicles.
– Was suppose to be split up.
– Suddenly found boards on Ebay.
– Emailed owner and asked if I could buy them. He agreed.
– Pissed off a few people.

Got moderated on my own forum.
– 4 deals went bad. Me mad. So sad.

GV wants me to make them Lithium boards.
– Never seem to have any money.
– They want to own the schematic.

We need a place to meet on August 8th. Ana’s ??

Added note to SJEAA website that we won’t be meeting here Aug 8th.


Saturday Aug 29th, 2009 EAA Rally.