#1 Nicad truck
It rained!!
Had to add Rivet nuts to holes on sides of battery box to correct stripped threads.
Taped paper towels into each corner for use as water detector.
Replaced worn out weather seal with natural gum from McMaster.

Cells have 400+ miles on them.
Zero issues so far.
Ordering Hipower brand lithiums for testing as well.
Same format as Thundersky’s.
BMS needs to just be installed for monitoring cells.
Got interupted due to rain.
A multi conductor cable needs to be threaded from pack to cabin for data line.
BMS tested fine on bench.

#2 truck
Purchased in running condition with ruined pack.
Added 35ml of water to each of 6 cells, and charge cycled, to no avail on one EV-1 batt.
Needed Emeter heater and a/c fixed.
Emeter and Heater repaired.
Installed diesel truck block heater.
Factory defect in heater controls.
2700w heater element turns on before the water pump operates!!
Works great!!
Hinged bed works awesome!
Used Heim joints.
Added 2nd pair of gas struts to lift bed.
Bed lifts nicely.
Bed stays up easily without prop rod.
Plan to upgrade nicad truck with 2nd set of gas struts too.
Battery box needs nearly all holes helicoiled.
Added fuses to Dolphin to protect electronics.
Ordered tons of parts from GM.
Rollpan, antenna, blower switch, and cupholders.
Adding a blog to chronicle progress.

-Borrowed a board designed to replace the precharge relay on US Electricar vehicles.
Intend to reverse engineer and add to my vehicles.
Could be super reliable!!
Relay is $229.

-Dave’s Soleq wagon is running ok.
Regen is not working due to busted pot return spring.
But at least it’s driveable now.
He just bought a non running Solectria recently from Ebay.

-Home Power Magazine had an incredible article in their Oct/Nov 2008 issue that contains real test data on the cycle life of various brands of lead acid batteries!

-Bought a 240vac Variac for charging cells after a deep nicad cycling.

-The truck is 35lbs lighter because the driver lost 35lbs!