– Most parts for UK Lithium BMS arrived Thursday.
Resistors were too big at 1/2W. Should be 1/4W.
Some caps too big too.
Had to generate my own BOM since owner did not. Big pain!
Picked up correct parts from Halted.
Built 1 and mostly assembled the other 2 last night.
Completely open source.
BMS will have a 3.5″ lcd.
BMS needs to be updated from 1/4 amp of bypass to 2 amps.
Requires a heavier duty transistor that I have.
Will get BMS assembled over next few days.
Discovered this morning that the boards don’t fit the cell mounting holes!!!
Can machine them so they fit.

– 3 Thundersky cells installed in nicad pack.
Had to machine end plates to cover 6 screw heads.
Driven about 80 miles so far.
Cells running cool at 50-70 amp loads.
Only 100 amps bursts so far.
Thermal readings while driving match bench testing so far.
Started at -10ah.

– #2 USE truck is being purchased.
May add all Lithium pack with BMS and then resell.
Has Air Cond. that needs work.
Has Emeter that needs work.
Heater needs work.

– A solid state replacement board for the precharge relay was discovered.
Precharge relay expensive ($229)and has a short life.
Reverse engineering could provide info to make a board for current USE vehicles.
Uses 8 amp, 500v fets with Opto’s.
Will upgrade to newer 20 amp, 500v fets.

– Purchased another clamp meter from Halted for $25.
Just missing the battery door.