EAA 02.09.2008

***Group Business***
Website has a new techlinks page.
-Unfinished! Unreleased.
-AC vs DC systems
-Peukert factor
-Both LRR tire files
-120vac vs 240vac
-PG&E CO2 footprint Calculator added
-Needs a new picture


Pack should need a watering in the next couple of weeks.
-6 months between waterings!!

Massive ground faults
-Lots of rain leaking into pack on cell tops.
-Stranded after car wash. Limped home. Several restarts.
-Vacuumed up excess water from cell tops.
-Dried out pack with a fan for 48+ hours.

John’s USE car up north in now running.
-Rebuilt 3 of his boards.
-Traded for a charger and a DC-DC converter.

Mike’s USE truck in SoCal should be running today.
-Just needs help lifting up the bed so he can attach the pack.

3 More USE boards sent up from SoCal.
-All 3 are running now.
-Still have many bugs on 2 of them.
-1 has only dropout issue.
-Was told I had to charge cash for the repairs.

A123 Lithium module
-Design the stud to spreader plate interface.
-Braze? solder? Machine?
-Stud? Threaded?

USE test fixture
-Now has Motoring mode testing installed.
-Added throtte pots
-added brake pot
-Many things run only in motoring mode.