SJEAA 9/8/07

-Precharge circuit disintegrated. Arcing across pins in 3 pin conn.
-Installed a 4 pin connector leaving one empty space between HV and +12 pins.
-automotive fuse put on a long, light show as a precharge fuse.
-Waiting for the replacement relay gave me incredible appreciation for the truck when I had to drive the wagon at 3300 whr’s/mile.

-Hardware failure of scooter created concussion the Sunday after the last meeting.

– Current probe from Agilent arrived.
– Scope shots
– Characterized the precharge circuit.
– Need a higher reliability SPDT precharge relay.

-Back to debugging Dolphin boards.
-IR therometer from Radio Shack for finding hot parts quickly due to John Schaefer.
-Laser is a waste when trying to measure close parts.

-It would be nice to amass enought parts to convert a Honda Insight to an EV…

-400 GM engineers moved from the Fuel cell group to the drive train group!!!