EAA 3.8.2008

Truck died.
Wagon died.
Clothes dryer died.
Computer dying.

Worst ground fault in history!
– Spent 10 days looking for source of GF.
– Found that the group of Bluetops were coated in KOH.
– Cleaning them up changed nothing!!
– The GF would change position significantly for no reason.
– Old method of finding GF did not work.
– Had to invent a new method that could be patentable!!
– I damaged 2 cells prying cells out with a hammer.
– Swollen cells don’t fit well and can get stress cracks.
– Found 1 cracked cell that use to be full from group of Bluetops!!
– Now it’s time to get the cell cycler running as there are no spare cells.
– Pack is now running with 3 cells less.

Solid state vacuum switch is still working great on the power brakes!!

8500 miles on pack!
– Last watering was in late August
– 2700 miles ago!!!
– Could make it to 3000 miles
– Already at 6 months between waterings.
– Could make it to 7 months between waterings.
– A full pack watering takes 4.5 hours using an electric pump.
– Need to make an absorbant cell cover when watering to prevent dripping down sides of cells.