12/8/07 EAA

-CAD Images of A123 Lithium module for truck.
About 36ah capacity.
Close to nicad capacity.
Lower peukert exponent.
Will fit in place of two nicad cells.
Same voltage as two nicad cells.
Machined from ABS/Delrin.
Will have it’s own BMS to keep it in line.
Will be solding the cells.
May submit to SVEAA for $$.

-Purchased pack lid from fellow USE truck owner Craig for just shipping costs.
Nice and flat!!
Added 80mm fans with filters.
clear covers.
Silicone sealed to the lid.
Dual 3/8″ pipe exhaust.
Positive box pressure keeps contaminents out.
Battery box still needs the side holes repaired for complete sealing.
Duct taped sides for now.

-Added switch to bypass transformer.
Improves current flow to pack on 120vac.
Blows breaker at work.

-Solid state vacuum switch is finished and installed.
LED for 5v
LED for relay activate
LED for vacuum level
Box took some machining.
Very compact.
Purchased vacuum switch from Canadian EV Parts for backup.

-Pack at XXX miles since last watering.
Higher amperage, shorter time charging helped!
Just one cell way out of spec.

-Cold weather efficiency still excellent!
218 whr’s/mile going to work with headlights on.
290 whr’s/mile going home.
254 whr’s/mile average.
276 whr’s/mile before improvements.

-Purchased load tester ????

Orange hammer
wipe board markers