Working hard on Analog Lithium BMS board.
– Using Toner Transfer process.
– Print reverse image on a LASER writer only.
– Iron or laminate to copper.
– Etch in Ferric Chloride.
– Drill holes
– Test
– Next version could have an Atmel processor.
– for Toner Transfer details.
– Trying out GBC H310 Laminator

Bought 30 more A123 Lithium cells
– Hand tested each one.
– They are used cells.
– Most tested at 95% capacity with a 35 amp load.
– Will retest at 5 amps to see what cut Peukert takes.

HexaYurt Building
– Goal to have it half done by Monday or I quit building it and get a tent!
– Canvas K-Hinge makes for attaching all roof and wall panels together so tape is not needed.
– All panels are hinged to each other with canvas K-Hinge.
– Unit folds out in one continuous piece.
– between some panels a #10 zipper is sewn in so the joint won’t fold.
– Need some form of cooling.
– Spray bottle has been claimed to work inside Yurt for cooling.

Purchased 8 Dolphin boards.
– Two needed repair.

Saturday Aug 29th, 2009 EAA Rally.

Move the SJEAA website!!!!