So I need to look at the bridge rectifier labeled D1003. There is also
a large diode nearby.

So why did my 1 amp main board fuse blow? What circuit does it fuse?

I can get those resistors at an awesome surplus place when I get the

No other wires were damaged thanks to teflon insulation. Alcohol just
wiped off the residue. Although one of the resistors solder joints
became a weld 🙂 So they didn’t use these as fuses. They used them to
limit current. Or maybe inrush current. In the end they acted like
fuses. I’ll put a fuse holder in there for the 2a fuse. You sure it
needs 2amp and not a 1/2 amp fuse?

The dead truck checklist is now updated with pics of each fuse and the
fet pins.