Some S10’s have 2 fans. Mine has 2. Both are wired to come on at the same time. This truck is too old to know if this is the way it ‘should be’ or not.

You have to make dead certain that your cooling system has all of the air bled out of it or the water won’t flow properly, making it overheat.

The other point of failure is the water pump brushes have a short life. Pull the brush from the front of the water pump to see if it’s too short. If it’s too short, even with the spring, it will just not make good contact and cause your Dolphin to overheat.

Since your temp gauge went up so high, it means your truck got VERY hot. So you need to debug this issue to avoid damage. The temp gauge is not calibrated very well. It moves very little for a large temperature change.

The 8 main boards arrived today. Not packaged well. Several took shipping damage. Sigh. Second time I’ve seen this. I’ll never understand why people don’t care about this valuable hardware.

The 65kw boards have completely different checksums for all 3 of the main IC’s. So they may not swap with a 50kw board. Once I get them running on the test fixture I’ll then swap the chips over to the 50kw boards to see if they will work at all.

Most of these boards are P4 revision. Which means they are the second generation with all of the improvements built in from the first generation. I’m running a P4 second generation board in my truck for close to a year I think it is, and it’s never ever had a dropout issue. That’s a clue unto itself. My new spreadsheet is helping me to uncover the dropout issue.

Owners of US Electricar vehicles take a chance with Chris Zach’s quality of work. In his own posts he mentions that he damaged 3 of his customer’s boards. Remember that these boards are NOT available new anywhere. I have never, ever damaged a customer’s Dolphin board. Chris has charged $1000 for a board, but claims his group is non-commercial in nature, so beware.

If you want some technical help email me at

mikep_95133 at

or join my US Electricar group at

I’ve spent about 6-7 hours tonight working on an idea I have for helping to find the cause of the classic dropouts. It’s tedious but will be worth it later. Here’s the details. I’ve made a map, using a spreadsheet, of the locations of every single component on the main board. That way I can search for the value of a component or for the component identifier itself. This effort’s biggest value is in comparing the first generation P1 board components to the P4 board components. So far the P4 board I’m using is more reliable in that it has shown zero classic dropouts after being operated in the winter and summer without a dropout.

This spreadsheet also will make it easier to find out where the DCN’s were applied. Usually, a DCN’s intention is to improve the operation of a specific circuit. So all of the components that are changed in that circuit would be part of one of the DCN numbers. This is standard engineering practice. If they followed it, then the DCN’s will not be hard to find and then document.

All of this will help identify why one revision of board is less effected by constant use, than another revision.

If you look on your main boards, some of them have decals on them that list 3
DCN numbers. That stands for Design Change Number. One of the 3 numbers is for a
firmware upgrade. The other 2 are for parts changes. This exercise will help me
to understand the even more extensive changes made to the 65kw boards.

Yesterday started out poorly. I only slept for 4 hours. After waking up at 4am, I headed over to my computer. There was a notification from Ebay about some US Electricar stuff that went up for auction. As it turns out, it was the same hardware that one of the guys in the USE group had mentioned was for sale. We thought it would be a private sale. But here it was on Ebay. I immediately posted that fact that it was on Ebay to the group. The boards were all suppose to be 65kw. But only 2 were 65kw, the other 6 were 50kw boards. So I looked at the name of the seller, and it looked vaguely familiar. I searched my email archives and found that I had corresponded with the guy in the past. So I wrote him a plea to not sell them on Ebay since some random buyer could end up with these important parts. He agreed to pull them from Ebay and sell them to me. Sometime later this week they should arrive. Also included were 2 charger boards and a dc-dc board. There was also 4th board that I have never seen before.

What I have done in the past with two other batches of boards I have received,
is to go through these boards carefully with my test fixture, and see if they
work or what they need to make them work. One 50kw board looks to have some
serious damage to the Mach220. I have replaced a couple Mach220’s already. But
that serious kind of damage may also have toasted some board traces. Worst case
the board becomes a parts donor. I hope the DSP chip is ok as it could be used
in another 50kw board. Almost every chip from the 50kw boards are missing. Since
the DSP chip cannot be copied, then the boards will always have to borrow a DSP
from another board.

The 65kw boards will go onto my test fixture to see if they can be lit up or
not. At least they have all of their chips. I’ll see if the 65kw chips are any
different than the 50kw chips. At least one of the 65kw boards has a red arrow
on it indicating that it needs something.

5 out of 6 of the 50kw boards are 2nd generation. They have a socket on the
Mach220 plus some other additions. I think the factory finally figured out that
when the Mach220 gets damaged, that unsoldering it from the board is dangerous.
At least with the sockets the Mach220’s can be swapped in and out for testing. I
have the code for the Mach 220’s so duplicating them is easy.

There is also a pair of charger boards and a dc-dc included. There is a 4th misc
board that I have never seen before. No idea what it does.

I know of 2 other sources that need boards. So if any of the 50kw boards are any
good, 2 of them will get shipped out asap. Usually when the chips are missing
the boards have issues.

All of the boards that run will have to be test driven to see if they exhibit
any of the classic dropout issues. As I was discussing the dropout issue last
night with a fellow member, he pointed out that every board we have could end up
with severe drop out issues just simply from driving them long enough. That is
exactly what has happened with a couple of the boards that I have. To me this
issue is 50% resolved. The last 50% will be tough.

Now the air conditioning is wired so that it can only come on after the truck is
fully booted. This also stops the truck from faulting if the AC was left on when
the truck is booting up. The schematic has been updated to reflect the changes.

I’ll test the temperature drop of the AC system during the next time it gets hot

After checking the AC relays, one was turning on the AC itself, the other was
suppose to be turning on the fans. The fan relay tested ok but it’s output was
not going anywhere. There was a white wire down inside of a wiring harness that
had been cut. I never did find the other end. But as it turns out it was the
output from the fan relay.

So I wired it to the fan harness directly. The fans now come on the instant the
AC is turned on. This allows the condenser to do it’s job and made the AC work
as it should.

It’s not a surprise that someone cut this wire. With the fans on you cannot hear
anything else. But even worse, when the AC is on when the ignition is turned on,
the truck faults. With or without the fans running the truck faults with the AC
turned on at ignition time.

The temperature knob does still change the rpm and thus the output of the AC
system. I still need to scope the outputs of the Sanden box to see if a system
can be installed without it. A DVM showed there was a variation in voltage that
followed the position of the temperature knob.

This truck has an old processor in it and the dc-dc only puts out about 13.5
volts under load. I’ve seen this combo in the past not allow a vehicle to boot
up, only because the load on the 12v aux battery is so high that the minimum
voltage for bootup is not achieved. I’ll dig into it more.

The AC vent temps got down to 32.8F sitting in the garage where the ambient temp
is only about 65F. I didn’t think the thermistor would allow it go down that
low. Usually AC systems are rated in terms of the delta in temperature that can
create. When it warms up I’ll take the truck outside and see how well it does in
real heat.

I finally got around to putting fuses in the P12V_Bat and Key_On_In lines on the #1 truck. I tried to use 1/4 amps fuses, but the current drop was so much that the Dolphin would not boot. They measured 5 ohms on each fuse. I measured several and they were all the same. So I went with 1.0 amp fuses that measured about .3 ohms each. Very clean. I’ve done the same thing to the #2 truck. It was much easier to spend 3 minutes removing the junction boxes from the trucks and doing the work on a bench.

I also put a spring inside the 3/4 inch heater hose that was kinking. It now has a nice curve to it. The spring is just plated steel. We’ll see how long it lasts. At least this way the new high performance heater will always get adequate coolant flow to protect the heater element from overheating.

Here is the #2 truck Junction Box with it’s new pair of fuses.

You have never had to do the hard work towards these vehicles that the a few of us have Cor. You have never, ever had the same investment. You’ve allowed these two new members to waste our time with their attitudes and laziness. I’m still not putting up with these lazy punks Cor. I will stand my ground until I no longer am allowed to. I make these same posts in my blog knowing that some day, instead of addressing these issues I keep bringing up, you’ll take the easy way out and silence/moderate me.

Ever since you allowed Chris to steal from me, on or about posts number 2604, I knew from that point on that you could not manage a group. So I will stand firm on my position. Not all of them certainly, but specifically the two I have been addressing since they arrived. Remember, this problem never existed before you started this group. We all worked far better together in the old group.

Don’t forget Cor, I have Chris’s stealing from me carefully and completely documented. Before and after post 2604 for others to read if they’d like. I have all of the emails, and I posted the entire time line in this group and on my blog. If he wants to go to court over it, I’d welcome the opportunity to embarrass him in court, and to forever document into the public record what he had done.

No only does he have to sue me in California, he also has to prove damages. Otherwise he can face sanctions. It’s far cheaper to just be accountable for your actions and make up for the damages done by breaking the injured party 100% even for their losses. You will be subpoened to testify as well Cor. How pricey are those airline tickets from India? Chris would have to ship himself and his lawyer out here as well.

It’s not libel or slander if you can prove it.


Truck has reduced range due to cell to cell variation in capacity.
-Deep cycling the pack only lasts for a couple of weeks.
-Tried to deeply overcharge the cells.
-Mostly worked.
-Killed two cells in the process, but ruined 3.
-Cannot really afford new pack in this economy.
-No cell auctions this year.
-Gels for Solectria’s might be a good alternative for either truck.

Developed a high powered Lithium bms board.
-Bypasses 3 amps easily.
-At 3 amps the special transistor stays cool!
-Tons of work to figure out how to keep the transistor from getting hot.
-Most amps bypassed on lithium cells that I’m aware of!
-With more work, could be made to bypass 5 amps.
-Limiting factor is how hot the load resistors get.

Purchased a 1991 Honda Accord with 200k miles.
-Should have had a blown head gasket, but did not.
-Instead it had many other smaller issues.
-Currently replacing a steel coolant tube that had rusted through.
-Cooling system has had only water in it.
-The car already has many new parts.
-Found a rats nest under the air filter.
-Engine had a sizable hesitation to it.
-Gas mileage was only 20mpg.
-Failing smog test at home with Bar84 analyzer.
-Analyzer turned 30 years old this year.
-Had to replace all of the hardened tubing!!
-Tubing shattered like pasta noodles.
-Removed ‘obstruction’.
-Now it passed smog with great ease!!
-“I’m free from the plug!!”
-Took Friday and Monday off to work on it.
-Should be finished with cooling system this weekend.
-Vehicle has flat spot and needs some emissions equipment work.
-Good online Honda groups.
– 5 vehicles is too many!!
-Thinking of selling the wagon and the motorcycle.
-Funds would pay off the Accord rebuild expenses.
-Would like to work up to an Insight or early Prius.

Finally signed up with AAA.

We’ve lost 2 local EV dealers.

Ruf Porche Electric using Thundersky cells.

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